Owner of submerged Lamborghini says car can be replaced

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SAN DIEGO -- Cleanup was underway Wednesday across San Diego County following the heavy downpour Tuesday that caused major traffic jams, accidents and flooding.

FOX 5 was there Wednesday as crews cleaned up after a 2015 Lamborghini was submerged in an underground parking garage at an Ocean Beach complex.

“What a mess! Property manager is in trouble here,” said tow truck company owner Enrique “Hank” Cervantes. “Once it gets wets like this and it sits for 24 hours, it’s done.”

Tuesday’s storm, the remnants of Hurricane Linda, brought record rainfall to San Diego and with it, major flooding.

“We would have never thought this,” said Matt Trainer, owner of the brand new luxury car. “I would have obviously never parked my car if I even thought for a second that would happen…a lot of people warned us about it I just didn’t believe them. I thought that they spent this much money to build the place, I thought they’d do a little research in engineering.”

Trainer’s wife’s vehicle was also destroyed in the flood. The couple say this will never happen again.

“We’ve actually been laughing about it quite a bit. My wife has been saying if one more thing happens here we’re moving…and yesterday this was the one more thing, so we’re moving,” laughed Trainer.


  • thechurchofchrismartin

    Good riddance to Trainer & his wife. Anybody who buys a showy car like that and parades around OB in it deserves to get flooded out. This joker needs to move to UTC where he will fit right in. Those ugly condos on the beach at the foot of Saratoga are an eyesore & a blight on the community!

    • Tar'Lese

      ^^^ Says the person who could never afford the car OR house.

      Get a life you fucking loser. You can’t even use your real name because you are. TROLL.

      Go back to living a miserable BROKE life.

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