Donald Trump admits ‘I think I could tone it down a little’

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Donald Trump at the Freedom Summit, a forum for GOP Presidential hopefuls in Greenville, South Carolina on May 9, 2015. (Credit: William Walker/CNN)

LOS ANGELES – To the critics who think Donald Trump’s fiery rhetoric could be toned down, it turns out, the real estate mogul agrees with you.

“I think I could tone it down a little bit when pressed,” Trump told the Christian Broadcasting Network’s David Brody, in an interview published Wednesday. “I’ve had a great temperament. You couldn’t build a great business like I’ve built if you didn’t have good temperament but I think maybe I can sometimes tone it down. When somebody hits, you can hit a little less hard. At the same time that may be the kind of thing the country needs because we have to hit back hard to fight hard because we’re not going to have a country.”

Pundits have criticized Trump for his words and tone about undocumented immigrants, women and his opponents, KTLA reported.

But don’t expect him to lose all his explosive rhetoric on Wednesday’s debate stage. Trump also defended his tone, saying that harsh words are sometimes necessary.

“I’ve dealt with very tough hombres and very tough people and I’ve come out on top and I can understand the evangelicals to a certain extent saying, ‘well maybe he’s not as nice as we want him to be’ but they also want to see the country be great,” he said.


  • Dave Francis (@DaveFrancis8)

    Obama has downgraded our military to the time of the Nazi regime and the Empire of Japan running amok. Its no wonder Russia is mobilizing its military, along with China. Even with the majority in the Senate and House, the Republicans are afraid they would get blamed for any number of issues including the decimation of our military around the world. Trump has already stated on board the decommissioned battleship the SS Iowa that he would make our military a force to be reckoned with? The army, navy and air force will be once again invincible as a defender of helpless nations and a purveyor of peace across the globe. No foreign nation would dare challenge us again on the battlefield, with new types of superior aircraft, ships and advanced technology in missile protection.

    Under President Obama he left Poland and the Czechoslovakian Republic seriously powerless against Putin’s new vision of a Soviet State. Look into the portal of the future when Obama is gone with this unbalanced agreement with Iran? As I have added before, Israel if provoked will send its war planes and level the Iranian military bases, with either general or tactical nuclear weapons. They will be fully prepared for any suspicious movements of Tehran and destroy anything that reeks of destruction of their homeland. They will be justified as Obama’s management is one of passive intervention with promises by IRAN, when they have cheated on any agreement since the initial revolution.

    Our military has shielded the downtrodden around the world, such as Saudi people against the tyrant Saddam Hussein and didn’t even get a few million barrels of oil as a thank you? Of course with secret negotiations who knows what piles of cash changed hands? Trump will rebuild our military as the greatest in the world to defend America and therefore our National security. And those soldiers who fall, there families will be perpetually want for nothing, including those brave men and women who return handicapped who deserve everything a grateful nation can offer.

    And in conclusion a issue that affects every legal immigrant, citizen and all those naturalized? The American people will never be satisfied with people who broke the law, stealing into a sovereign nation. Illegal aliens are NOT immigrants? They are thieves of the peoples rights and what is even worse King Obama and his Administration has ignored the Rule of Law and taken it upon himself to welcome even more poverty to our shores and across the border. The cost to the US taxpayer is significant and the magnet that drives millions of unwanted foreigners here are jobs, welfare and a new life.

    But this country already has its miserable poor, its less educated and sick and mentally ill and endless lines of people seeking a job–any job. Our prisons are now full of illegal alien criminals that the Obama’s government has dumped back into our neighborhoods, who commit more insidious crimes. Everybody knows by now the ‘Sanctuary City’ ordinance, that first became the public spotlight with the death of Kate Steinle in San Francisco that has tarnished California as a Liberal Progressive stronghold for illegal aliens, criminal or not?

    But I suggest in my own mind, whether it is that entering America for the first time, without being processed has been concocted as a deliberate Civil offense, a conspiracy between the two major politic factions as a organized scheme, whereas in other civilized countries its classed as a felony. I believe this was done so millions could arrive here for the wealthy corporate and industrial needs. Since then foreign nationals have organized demanding more and more from previous and prior governments. Today they get all citizens entitlements, using their birthright offspring as a fulcrum to collect cash payments, low income housing, food stamps, health care and other welfare services.

    Trump–DONALD TRUMP has determined they must leave, beginning with the illegal alien gangs that are creating havoc in every street and alley; murders, rapes and other felonious criminal acts.
    Whether Birthright Citizenship can be amended and the ‘Anchor Baby’ rescinded, is beyond my knowledge of the law, and best left for constitutional law professors to interpret? But their is another way, that is relatively simple and demands that employers are no longer above the law and could face serious punishment and even prison.

    Put into practice MANDATORY E-VERIFY or its new digitally approved operation. So that no employer, no illegal worker escapes. It might cost billions as with Donald trumps WALL, but it will finally cease and desist the illegal alien invasion as once the word goes out that jobs are no longer available in the United States. Thousands of ICE agents carrying a pocket computer tablet would check the books of suspected employers who are hiring illegal foreign workers. It would be progressive but with a monetary reward for whistle blowers, no employer using cheap labor would be safe. It can be done and should be done on a grand scale, in every county. As president Ben Carson expressed, that we need a GUEST WORKER program. A turnstile agreement with foreign workers that your job is picking crops and that may only stay and work in designated areas of agriculture. You may apply for a working visa that once expired, you must reapply of if caught immediately deported, never to return?

    • Rick Davis

      Great points Dave.
      On the military – We have the most powerful, sophisticated and technologically advanced military in the world. We have the best trained soldiers in the world.The issue in my mind is not numbers of ships or troops, the real issue is THE COST OF PROJECTING A SUSTAINED MILITARY FORCE AND PRESENCE AROUND THE GLOBE. If we do project forces, what’s the mission Dave? To move sand around until the wind blows it back? Do we send 4,000 82nd Airborne, 300 75th Rangers and 100 5th SF to Syria? To do what, for how long and to what end? What would the ROI on this military expenditure be? Who is going to pay for an “expanded military” and what does that mean anyway? What is the cost of taking care of 10% of the veterans who come back with PTSD and the 5% so maimed and incapacitated they can’t function in society? It’s so easy to be cavalier with other peoples lives. Our fighting men and women should only be deployed overseas for regime change purposes when there is a clear vision of how their sacrifice will benefit America in the long term – not just because Putin can unilaterally deploy heavy armor to Syria. They should only be deployed to neutralized immediate threats and high value strategic targets. Right now all we’ve done is what Rand Paul said – “create a vacuum in Iraq that was ultimately filled by the Islamic State group” which has spread like a virus. We followed the Russians into Afghanistan to battle the monsters we created to fight them and have emerged no further ahead than them. How crazy is that?

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