5 memorable moments from the GOP debate

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Donald Trump responds to a question at the CNN GOP debate.

WASHINGTON — The second GOP presidential debate came and went Wednesday night — but there are some key moments that are sure to live on.

From attacks right out of the gate to policy debates, here are the top five moments from the CNN debate.

1) Fiorina gets back at Trump

In one of the most-anticipated moments going into the debate, Carly Fiorina was given a chance to respond to Donald Trump’s comments on her looks, and she delivered.

“I think women all over this country heard very clearly what Mr. Trump said,” Fiorina said, when asked about Trump’s backtrack that he was talking about her persona.

Trump had been quoted in a Rolling Stone article as saying, derisively, “Look at that face,” when Fiorina appeared on TV.

On Wednesday night, Trump tried to save himself after Fiorina spoke.

“I think she’s got a beautiful face, and she’s a beautiful woman,” Trump said.

Throughout his remark, Fiorina, shown on split-screen next to Trump, remained stone-faced.

2) Bush demands Trump apologize to his wife

Jeb Bush came out against Trump when he was asked about a statement the real estate mogul made to CNN earlier this summer about their differences on immigration policy — and invoked Bush’s wife, Columba.

“If my wife were from Mexico, I think I would have a soft spot for people from Mexico,” Trump said.

During the debate, Bush said, “To subject my wife into the middle of a raucous political conversation was completely inappropriate, and I hope you apologize for that, Donald.”

“I hear your wife is a lovely woman,” Trump started to say, but Bush cut back in.

He pointed her out in the audience and reiterated that Trump should say he’s sorry.

“Why don’t you apologize to her right now?” Bush said.

Trump declined.

“I won’t do that because I said nothing wrong,” he said.

3) Christie shuts down Trump and Fiorina

As Trump and Fiorina battled about their respective business records, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie got sick of the spat — and let that show.

“While I’m as entertained as anyone by this personal back and forth about the history of Donald and Carly’s career, for the 55-year-old construction worker out in that audience tonight who doesn’t have a job … they could care less about your career,” Christie said.

As Fiorina tried to defend the conversation as being about their leadership track records, Christie shut her down.

“We don’t want to hear about your careers,” he said. “You’re both successful people: congratulations! You know who’s not successful? The middle class in this country.”

“Let’s start talking about those issues tonight and stop this childish back and forth between you,” he continued.

4) Bush says his brother kept us safe

Bush has had a complicated time on the trail embracing his father and brother, while still trying to run as his own man.

But one of his biggest applause lines of the night came as he fully supported his brother, former President George W. Bush.

“As it relates to my brother, there’s one thing I know for sure: He kept us safe,” Bush said, cutting off a Trump answer on foreign policy. The crowd loved it.

Bush said his brother sent a clear signal America would be strong as he led the country through Sept. 11.

“You feel safe right now? I don’t feel so safe,” Trump replied.

5) Fiorina won’t name a woman to go on the $10 bill

Fiorina distinguished herself as the only woman on stage when she answered a question about which woman to put on the $10 bill — going against the grain and saying she wouldn’t pick any.

“I wouldn’t change the $10 bill or the $20 bill,” Fiorina said. “I think honestly it’s a gesture. I don’t think it helps to change our history. What I would think is we ought to recognize that women are not a special interest group.”

The Treasury Department announced this year that it would be redesigning the $10 bill to include a notable woman.

Other candidates suggested a range of options, from Clara Barton to their loved ones.


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  • Dave Francis (@DaveFrancis8)

    To me and millions of Americans who sat in front of the TV through the near three hour debate at the Reagan Library, it really isn’t going to matter who had a better exchange of ideas, whether cynical or just dead air? I’m for Donald Trump and the runner up being Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. The original issue that Trump spoke about in his commencement speech, about the illegal alien invasion, was all I need to know about the man who will be sitting in the White House. The immigration topic played a prominent role in the first round of debates last month, while most professional hopefuls prioritized American workers over illegal aliens. Although the people will be examining to see if politician are optimistic in sticking to their positions and where they stand on the Syrian Refugee crisis?

    Its certain that every President has his specific consultants, and although Trump is poor on many specifics as ISIS, IRAN, budgets, etc, but he will have the greatest experts in his circle of the very best of individuals managing the greatest country in the world. From what he has said, he already has many notable people who have the ability to renegotiate unfair trade treaties, that’s if Trump doesn’t renegotiate them himself? I don’t believe for one minute Donald Trump cannot keep in line Congress on his agenda? I judge that the hardships that Americans have been suffering for many decades will be a thing of the past.

    Overall illegal immigration has been the main commitment of the Obama administration, from the man in the present Oval office signed overreaching executive order that has caused the flood of foreigners, with little allowable enforcement at the Southern border. When the US Border Patrol is manacled to control the regions along our frontier we have little chance to stop the inflow. It is the same with interior enforcement (ICE) to seek out illegal aliens and even worse, the criminal element. As according to the Pew Research Center millions of American workers are unemployed, while 8 million illegal aliens are working; the majority in non farming jobs. In 2012 illegal aliens made up about 5.1 percent of the labor force. About 8.1 million foreigners had jobs, and contrary to popular opinion, many of them were not in agriculture, but in occupations that American labor dominate. This is because MANDATORY E-VERIFY doesn’t exist–YET?

    Although I doubt that the Birthright Citizenship law can be amended and the ‘Anchor Baby’ game will continue with the assistance of Liberal activist judges, unless it can reach the Supreme court for a reading? Nonetheless we do have an effective deterrent, MANDATORY E-VERIFY. This enforcement mechanism is less expensive and not only could attribute to a massive data base of illegal entries, but contribute to the ending the ‘optional’ E-Verify and amending the immigration policy to make it compulsory. By using technology along the border and implementing a biometric entry/exit system to track foreign visitors. No more free passes for employers and if caught with either new or old hires, you could be heading for a prison cell. Obviously they need a extensive recruitment of more deployed ICE agents, to check on who is working for business owners?

    There is a tough E-Verify bill, the Legal Workforce Act, that passed the House Judiciary Committee earlier in this Congress. HR 1147 that would involve major corporations, government agencies, and federal and state contractors to implement E-Verify within six months. Smaller businesses would be phased in over three years. Penalties on employers that refuse to comply with the new E-Verify law would be increased, an important feature since the CATO Institute found that too many businesses blatantly close the eyes to existing law, knowing they will go unpunished by the Obama administration. However this is ONLY new hires, and although this has some resemblance of following the law, it is still open to intentional negligence.

    After the debate that was abrasive as I expected, none of the contenders had explored the illegal immigration incursion as Trump. Other concerns were passed between Carly, Jeb , or any of the others, but Trump held to the main issues that troubles America. He has the answers for Obama’s refusal to Enforce our borders?

    Its suppression of the Rule of Law and damn the edicts of the Constitution, where Obama his concerned. We have a population explosion we can do without; gridlock on our freeways and benefits for illegal aliens going through the roof. Millions of citizen- Americans and legal residents went through the arduous task of being vetted by the FBI and the State Department and paying thousands of dollars for legal Representation. While others are either smuggled or sneak through the non-existent fences along the US/Mexican border, but not to forget the estimated 40 percent that arrives here through ports of land and airport terminals anemically called ‘Overstays’, never to return home.

    When Mr. Trump said he would build a high wall to prevent the illegal alien migrants, I and unknown numbers in the population was elated. It was the first solvable issue, that would make the people more able to breath in congested towns and cities. Employers who stuff their pockets with profits from the cheap labor would not be happy. And would complain to the US Chamber of Commerce spending over a billion dollars to pay off the corrupt politicians, via the lobbyists. They roam the Washington DC beltway, offering substantial payouts for the legislators who would take their bribes?

    But now the Established class in both political parties, now have two contend with 3 outsiders, with Donald Trump taking the lead. Trump is very aware of the money system inside the DC state offices, of the bribes, intimidation and possibly blackmail. “I’ll scratch your back and you better scratch mine”. If you don’t you will be downgraded to some inferior oversight committee on a wasteful issue.

    Trump knows what’s going on as he was already been confronted by a known lobbyists of which he declined a $5 million dollar check. Buying favors has been the occupation of retired politicians, who leave the seat of power and then offered jobs by giant corporations. But being a billionaire in his own right Trump as reported that he doesn’t need ‘Blood Money’.

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