Heavy rain, flooding hits North County

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SAN MARCOS, Calif.  -- The rain Tuesday was a welcome site as California deals with its four-year drought.  But two areas in San Marcos got too much of a good thing -- or at least more than they could handle.

A city official told FOX 5 two flood-prone areas got just that when the North County got a strong and steady rain.

Discovery Street recovered quickly and was re-opened. But Bent Avenue, which connects to busy San Marcos Boulevard, was closed due to flooding before the afternoon rush hour causing drivers to take unexpected detours.

Myra DeTate of San Marcos told FOX 5 she is used to seeing Bent Avenue flood when it rains -- "but nothing like this."

She chose to turn around at the road block, but others chose to face the street with an approximately 50-yard pool of water covering it.

CalTrans says it can take as little as a foot of water to “float” a car.  Once a car starts floating, the driver can no longer control it.

The daytime storm was the stronger of the two, but a second round of rain hit just after the evening rush hour in North County communities.

Victoria Matkowski was leaving the dentist in San Marcos to head home to Pacific Beach and didn't seem too worried about dealing with the driving conditions.

"I handle driving in the weather pretty well,” she said. “I feel like San Diegans don't do well with it.”


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