SDSU police identify suspects in dorm burglary

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SAN DIEGO – San Diego State University police said four young men accused of carrying out a weekend dormitory robbery were identified Monday.

All four suspects showed up to San Diego Police Department Monday morning alongside another adult, SDSU Lt. Randy Lawrence told FOX 5.  They were in the process of interviewing the suspects.

Police did not release the names of the suspects, as three of the four were juveniles, the lieutenant said.

The thieves stole belongings from several students after being invited into a room at a residential building toward the east end of the campus about 12:30 a.m. Sunday, according to SDSU officials.

Before the robbers fled, one of them grabbed a victim’s hand and forced her to touch his groin, university police Capt. Josh Mays said.

A surveillance camera captured images of the bandits, who were described as black men — three of them thin and the other more heavyset — in their late teens. One was wearing a red plaid shirt, another had on a plain red shirt, a third was clad all in black, and the other wore a blue hooded sweatshirt, police said.


  • Idiot liberals

    Three of the four individuals identified themselves as, “Dindu Nuffins.”

    The other guy “couldn’t breathe” and was yelling, “hands up don’t shoot.”


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  • Scarlett

    How did all 4 suspects show up to turn themselves in when my little 14 year old brother was already in jail for a probation violation on the night you guys aired this bullshit. Yet you guys keep posting a minors picture . No charges have been brought upon this boys because they are all minors and the sdsu bitch was 21 and highly intoxicated. We plan to sue the fuck out of you racist fucks for false allegations.

    • John Aiya

      I love how the sister is sticking up for her brother by saying “my little 14 year old brother was already in jail for a probation violation”. 14 years old and already in jail… Please remind me again why black live matter.

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