Highway worker killed when SUV rolls on I-15

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ESCONDIDO, Calif. -- A 21-year-old employee of a company contracted by Caltrans to do road work was killed Monday by an out-of-control SUV that struck him as he worked alongside a freeway onramp near the Westfield North County mall.

The victim was working on a sprinkler system in a median next to the entrance to southbound Interstate 15 from South Centre City Parkway in Escondido when the Mitsubishi Montero hit him shortly after 2 p.m., according to the California Highway Patrol.

The vehicle overturned before coming to rest on its roof next to a northbound offramp from I-15. Caltrans closed that connector to through traffic to allow for investigation and cleanup.

It was unclear what caused the SUV to careen off the roadway, though investigators suspected the driver might have been under the influence of some type of drug. It remained unclear in the late afternoon whether the Oceanside resident might face criminal charges over the wreck, CHP public-affairs Officer Jim Bettencourt said.

The name of the victim, who died at the scene, was withheld pending notification of the Murrieta resident's family.  He was employed by the Pacific Restoration Group out of Perris, Calif., according to Caltrans.

“This is a stark reminder of the dangers of working along the highway.  I am asking motorists to limit distractions and drive with care, especially when highway workers are present,” said Caltrans District Director Laurie Berman.

Medics took the 31-year-old motorist to Palomar Medical Center for treatment of minor injuries.


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  • lenny

    this is really sad, I passed the scene of the accident and saw the decease up close, Very very tragic may he rest in peace!

    • gina

      I’m assuming it’s not the Same Reginald Grigsby Jr., 31, but it might be his son has mental issues and got in trouble years ago for a shooting someone in his family

      • Fauntleroy

        Seems like the same Grigsby. The Grigsby shot by his dad in Oside for attacking his mother was 25 in 2009 making him 31 today.

  • Not all the facts

    What’s sad is how quick all of you are to judge. You have no evidence to judge wether this was caused by narcotics let alone anything other than the CHP stating it was a “suspected dui” accident. Little do you all know he takes prescription medications for his mental health which will be proven as along as the cops do their job and aren’t trying to build a bullshit case to serve justice when it could
    Clearly just have been an accident! So sad that they are already out to prove him guilty and the media is acting as if his life is less valuable than the one taken in this tragic accident!!!

    • Common Sense

      Based on the facts that’s it is a suspected DUI and the car was out of control and flipped I believe it was a DUI. How did he flip his vehicle???? He was at least inattentive and deserves to go to prison. He took the life of a father of a one year old. People make mistakes while driving, but they don’t flip vehicles and kill people.

  • Idiot liberals

    I find it fascinating that the article will clearly identify the type of vehicle (“killed by an SUV”) but didn’t specify the race of the killer.

    Wouldn’t it be more accurate to state, “Highway worker killed by mentally ill black man driving stolen SUV?” You know, for clarity’s sake…

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