Body of a missing 4-year-old boy found in Mission Bay

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SAN DIEGO - The body of a missing 4-year-old boy was found in Mission Bay today, about 120 yards off the beach where he had last been seen, police said.

A San Diego police officer said that an earlier broadcast of a possible kidnap suspect was ``a bad lead,'' and that police now suspect Wesley Hilaire simply drowned during a family outing by the bay.

Officer Dan Lasher said police no longer believe a kidnap had occurred.

But it was not clear if action would be taken against the child's family, who told officers the boy had possibly been abducted, triggering an Amber Alert across the southern part of California.

The remains were spotted about 15 hours after his tearful family described a strange man who reportedly took the child from a family gathering on eastern shore of Mission Bay Park in San Diego.

The child's family had reported that he had last been at seen at 7:44 p.m. Saturday walking with an unfamiliar man.

A description of a man was broadcast by police, and an Amber Alert and active search was conducted from the border as far north as Orange and Riverside counties.

The child's body wasn't the only one found in San Diego waters Sunday. San Diego lifeguards also found the drowned body of a 77-year-old woman in the kelp beds off Point Loma, as they searched for Hilaire.

The community gathered Sunday evening for a candlelight vigil in memory of the young boy.

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  • Brad Solley

    Fire your editor. If he can’t find these simple mistakes in such a short news report, he isn’t doing his job… I found 3 mistakes in a single sentence!

    “His family had reported that he had last been at seen at 7:44 p.m. Saturday walking, with an unfamiliar man , near the water on the east side of Mission Bay.”

    • Brad Solley

      It removed the content I put in brackets…
      “His family had reported that he had last been (remove this at)at seen at 7:44 p.m. Saturday (place comma here instead of after “walking”. I’ve never heard of somebody “Saturday walking”…) walking, with an unfamiliar man (Lose this comma. There is no reason to have a pause here), near the water on the east side of Mission Bay.”

        • Minely

          Call me cold-hearted, but there’s thousands of people dying EVERYDAY. If you have a job, you’re job must be done right, especially if you represent Fox 5! Plus, it’s the NEWS, terrible things are announced, that is no excuse for terrible grammar.

    • Jacksdad

      Seriously? Between people complaining about grammar, and idiots trying to recruit people to work online, we seem to be forgetting that a four year old child just lost his life. Who cares if there are mistakes – for God’s sake, get your priorities right. Show us all how clever you are with another article, because doing it here shows a complete and utter lack of class.

  • Nina Ferguson

    This boy was reported missing 9-12 @ 7:44pm.
    I received The Emergency Amber Alert on my Smartphone on 9-13 @7:12am. Why was The Alert not sent at 7:45pm?
    A San Diego child is missing. Locate The Child.
    Apprehend the Suspect..
    The Quickest way to Assist in the recovery of the child because of Imminent danger, serious bodily injury or death.

    • cynthia

      Is this the Amber aler from this morning??? That’s crazy that it would not go out for 12hours after the incident. Not very helpful if you.

      • Patricia

        Yeah I have a sad and bad feeling about this Auntie that was Supposed be Taking Care of this little Angel. Let’s get to the bottom of this!!!!!

        • L Martinez

          Dear Patricia – I hope in your life you are never judged as harshly as you are judging the aunt. You don’t know her like so many of us do. She has great character, integrity and is an incredibly dedicated Mom and family member. He was a four year old boy that in a split second disappeared. The Aunt did everything in her power to reach out to everyone to find him. I know, because she’s that kind of person. This is beyond sad and by the grace of God we all hope this family can heal someday. Keep your unkind, ignorant comments to yourself. Your comments are reprehensible.

    • Idiot Liberals

      Exactly. This is exactly why no one takes amber alerts seriously anymore. We don’t even look at them when they buzz because the last several have been 100% BS (either family drama or misinformation).

      Congrats on ruining what could’ve been a very helpful process…

  • cynthia

    So they found his body in the bay…so did he drown? Since the family reportedly said they saw a stranger around him, hinting that he may have been kidnapped.


    Grammar and all this nonsense is the least of the problems here…
    This little 4 yr old boy Lost his life because of a Irresponsible Person “Aunt” She should be charged for his death!!!
    Who leaves a 4 yr old unattended on the Beach where he could drown, be kidnapped, be abused, anything could happen to children!!!

    • Potheads are Morons

      There was marijuana involved, but “its not dangerous” so we should legalize it.

      Happy now, you stoned idiots?

          • Suggafish

            This did not happen because they were using marijuana…this happen because they or she is an irresponsible careless person to use marijuana when she’s supposed to be attending to her young nephew.

    • Lyle Levin

      Ahylin, in the years after returning from my deployment, I have learned that the news media tends to print/post whatever makes the biggest impact… not always the real truth. To be more blunt, the media LIES ALL THE TIME!!! I have personally caught and called out my local news on lies they have told. I no longer trust news media for accurate information.

    • 0928texas

      Tragedy occurs and you’re looking for someone to blame? Other media is a little more comprehensive in their coverage, but the aunt was “supervising” several young children. One got separated and tragedy occurs. A witness provided a statement that a boy fitting his description was seen walking from a bathroom. What do you really think would be the effect of prosecuting the aunt? You didn’t even know this boy and you want revenge?

      It has never been safer to be a child in this country, and making criminals of supervisors is not why.

  • J Henry

    This is terrible and so sad. I’m sending many prayers to the mother of this child and her family.

    I do not like that the story read “simply drowned” as if that was less tragic. And I truly hope authorities do not penalize this family…they are experiencing more than enough with the loss of a child.

    May God keep them and bless them

  • Lee

    Am I the only person that noticed that the mom — in the video excerpts of interviews with reporters — used the past tense far more than she used the present tense… LAST NIGHT she was already using the past tense.

    • Lee

      And, please know that I honeslty do not like feeling suspicious of the mom… so, I’m not trying to demean the family… I just think it’s worth noting.

    • Vivian

      Yup…I noticed it too. She was laughing (before his body was found) and referring to him in the “past tense.” She also gave some odd details (sign of lying). Something is not right here.

  • Kelly Alves

    The child was missing for 15 hours, the family panicked and suspected a kidnapping, and they are even thinking of adding more to this family’s trials by “taking action”? How soul-less!

  • Michelle

    Please leave your cruel and judgemental words off of a public forum. There is a family that is grieving the loss of their beautiful boy. As a mother of four, I can tell you that a child can slip off in an instant. Send this family love and support. Rest in peace beautiful boy.

  • elleishae

    “…and that police now suspect Wesley Hilaire simply drowned during a family outing by the bay.”
    could the writer and editor both be so detached from any feeling of empathy to come up with one of the most insensitive ways to describe how a FOUR YEAR OLD BOY drowned.

    come on…

    • Idiot Liberals

      I don’t know why bad things happen to good people. But that isn’t the case this time.

      A young boy was taken away from a bunch of idiot liberals who spent their welfare money on dope. While they sat around smoking marijuana and praising the douchebag who sits in our White House, their little boy wandered into the water.

      Get it now?

      • U.S. Navy Sailor

        Spent their welfare money on dope!? Seriously those of you focused on anything besides the horrifying facts that a child is DEAD need to refrain from posting anything at all. I personally know the father and I pray he does not read any of these heartless comments. When one of our shipmates are grieving, we’re all grieving. Please, only comment with prayers and condolences for this family during such a tragic event of losing a child. At least give the respect to the man that left his children to serve his country ready to sacrifice his life, never expecting to come home so soon to his lifeless child. My prayers and condolences are with my fellow shipmate and his family. May his son forever rest in peace.

    • Gilberto Almazan

      I don’t think they were christians. There was a loud group of blacks near our site. rap music and loud shouts of up with obama and down with police! is all we heard late into the night.

      with their focus on that stuff, a small child wasn’t their priority.

  • Gypsy

    Please tell my why ‘their’ first instinct is alyays to LIE??? He could have been alive. Why even question whether or not to file charges against this liar? Wait till poor Dad gets ahold of him/her. Sorry the babies always have to suffer. Hang them all for neglect. Who was she with who also lied? Too busy doing what to watch the children?

    • Nobama

      I could answer that question, but it would just start a racial war on this site.

      Why don’t they respect law enforcement? Why don’t they work, or go to school?

      I guess we’ll never know.

    • hey hello

      “Hang” is a strong and historically-charged choice of word. Wishing a broadening of perspective and/or bad things on you and the commenter who agreed with you.

  • Shawnie Atchison

    My prayers really go out to this family… that mother and father must be so heartbroken, Maybe they told a story about a kidnapper as to not admit what really happened? It’s just so terrible we really need to keep a close eye on our young children, anything can catch their attention ans they run off! he maybe have just wanted to go back to swimming when his aunt had taken him to the restroom and he just took off.

    All i know is I would be devastated if i lost one of my children. I know that mother if she even was able to fall asleep, had woken up praying it was a dream. .. And that father probably said goodbye to his son and never expected this. This isn’t about revenge people this is about an unnecessary death of a 4yr old boy. This family needs some respect not this hate imagine if this was your child gone forever.

  • Carin

    It, seems strange that the parents, saw him with a man, and did not grab him, something is fishy, why was the youñg boy swimming all by himself? You as a parent, should never leave your child anywhere by his or herself ever. Tell me what happen? I would be asking questions , did someone drawn him? The parents lies are suspicious.

    • jwalkerwfcc

      The parent wasn’t there. Did you even read this? He was with an aunt. Kids get separated all the time, especially at his age. You have to have eyes in everywhere! I have a four year old and he has in a split second his from me. Thank goodness he realized how scared I was and hasn’t done it again. Instead of everyone always thinking it was foul play, why not just pray for them in this terrible time. If something happened it’ll come out. But until then quit judging. God bless this family and hold them close in this horrible time. Also pray for all these people judging and may they never experience the loss of a child.

  • Carin

    One more thing, almost 8:00 pm what was this child doing by himself. Or not with freind. Something is not right. There is a piece of the puzzle missing. What do you think.? Ha

  • Jessica BornAgain Gordon

    “The child’s family had reported that he had last been at seen at 7:44 p.m. Saturday walking with an unfamiliar man.” So it’s almost dark, and a stranger is walking off with your child and you actually let them both get out of your sight??????? Are you kidding!?????????

  • ingrid bauer heusser

    Very very sad! Whether neglect or abduction. A young life has been snuffed out. Prayers for the family!

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