New SDG&E rate structure to start appearing on bills

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SAN DIEGO — San Diego Gas & Electric has started a transition to a new electric rate structure, which will begin showing up on customer bills this month, the utility announced Thursday.

The structure, approved by the California Public Utilities Commission in July, has three tiers instead of the previous four. Beginning in the spring, the number of tiers will be reduced to two, according to SDG&E.

“This is the first step in providing more fairness and transparency in utility bills for all customers,” said Caroline Winn, chief energy delivery officer at SDG&E. “We want people to understand the changes to how they are billed and also how they can manage their energy costs.”

Most residential customers who pay online will receive a video link this month and next month to help them understand the changes to their bill introduced by the new rate structure. Customers can also visit to learn more about the changes still to come.

SDG&E said customers will see gradual changes to their electric bills over the next five years.

Winn said utility bills could be higher this month because of the heat.


  • Jeffery

    So, basically what they’re saying is they’ve found a way to Sneakily raise your Rates in the next five years, most likely, in the latter part, after you’ve stopped looking at the Bill !!!

    • Tony P

      Well, no. There were public hearings. Although there was opposition voiced, it was still passed and is now being implemented. Rate changes are always against the consumer, so not looking forward to it, but I think its unfair to call it sneaky when there was opportunity to speak out. Just not enough people to say NO

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