Hammerhead shark encounter caught on video

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – A father and his young daughter caught more than they bargained for on a weekend fishing trip off the Southern California coast.

The pair were on a charter boat trip about two miles west of Huntington Beach in about 80 feet of water hoping to hook some yellowtail. No one on the boat had had any luck, so the charter boat captain, Robert Wagner, decided to throw a chum ball in the water to attract some fish. What it attracted, however, was much larger and more impressive than a yellowtail.

"We saw the dark figure of the shark come around the back of the boat, and you could tell by the way it moved," the father said. "It was a distinct movement."

"I was scared a little bit and a little excited at the same time," the man's daughter said.

The Wagner was not interested in landing the 10-foot hammerhead shark, but he wanted to capture it on video.

"Honestly, I just wanted to get a good photo of it, because it as such an amazing thing," Wagner said. "I didn't expect him to take the line the way he actually did. I was trying to get my chum ball away from him for a little bit, but there was no stopping him. I mean, when he wanted something, he took it."

Those on the fishing trip came back into port without any yellowtail, but they said the video of the hammerhead shark is something they will never forget.


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