Tiger cub calls Alpine sanctuary his new home

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ALPINE, Calif. -- A tiger cub found wandering a neighborhood in the Riverside County city of Hemet was taken in Monday by the Lions, Tigers & Bears animal sanctuary in Alpine, in the foothills east of San Diego.

The cub arrived at the shelter on Saturday.

"We’re not really sure of the story. I suppose he was running around and got turned into an animal control," said Bobbi Brink.

Brink is the founder and director of the shelter.  She said the Bengal Siberian cub is estimated to be about 2 1/2 months old, was turned in to an animal shelter Thursday. It was unknown where the cub came from.

"He’s obviously not had real proper nutrition, he does have some issues, he’s weak in the back, he’s real limp on this tail, real dole looking. He’s got a hernia," said Brink.

The cub is also declawed.

"It’s illegal in the state of California. I don’t know who did it and why but they did, and now he’s going to have pain most likely for the rest of his life," said Brink.

She also believes the cub was bred in captivity.  He has been crying since arriving at the shelter.

"He's been yanked from his mother by a person, so now he doesn’t even have a sibling to play with," said Brink.  "This is when he should be learning the most in his life, but for profit or some other reason, somebody wants to try and make a pet out of something that can never be a pet."

Now the sanctuary staff  will do their best to nurse the cub back to health.

"We've tried some formula and he’s not interested, so for him it’s lots of supplement and raw meat," said Brink.

In about a year, Brink said, the cub will be introduced to a 2-year old tiger named Maverick.

"Hopefully he’s going to be friends with our Maverick, and we’ll be able to put them in together someday, and that would be very nice," said Brink.

Brink said it costs about $10,000 a year to feed each tiger.  The shelter has 69 animals of 17 different species.  It has five tigers, including the cub.  Lions, Tigers & Bears  is fully dependent on donations.  Brink said they will hold a fundraiser to find a name for the new cub.

If you would like to donate to the shelter, please visit : http://lionstigersandbears.org/


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  • Jeff

    Obviously someone with more money than brains – and even less of a conscience – abused this innocent animal and abandoned it when it became “inconvenient.” The breeder and especially the declawer need to be arrested and made to pay for the upkeep of this cub for the rest of its life if there’s any justice. Animal abusers – and “hunters” like Palmer – are as low as pedophiles in my estimation. I had already decided to join Lions, Tigers and Bears before hearing this story and will encourage others to do so as well.

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