Kentucky clerk jailed for failing to issue same-sex marriage licenses

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ASHLAND, Kentucky – Rowan County, Kentucky, clerk Kim Davis couldn’t be swayed to heed a U.S. Supreme Court order legalizing same-sex marriage, so on Thursday a federal judge held her in contempt and remanded her to custody.

In a federal courthouse in Ashland, Kentucky, attorneys from the American Civil Liberties Union argued that the clerk should be fined.

Davis, the attorneys argued in a motion filed Monday, “continues to collect compensation from the Commonwealth for duties she fails to perform.”

They said they didn’t want her to be jailed as punishment, but rather, the attorneys asked the court to “impose financial penalties sufficiently serious and increasingly onerous” to make her comply with the high court’s order.

U.S. District Judge David Bunning, however, apparently felt she deserved jail time.

The clerk, an Apostolic Christian who says she has a sincere religious objection to same-sex marriage, has refused to issue any marriage licenses since the Supreme Court decision in June legalizing same-sex marriage.


  • Sandy Golsalves

    They jailed MLK for his beliefs, too… How’d that work out for the courts?

    Proud that she’s standing up for her religious beliefs against this abomination.

    • Susan Rumford

      Do you know that they are not asking her to get gay married right? She does not have a right to impose her religious beliefs on others. If a county clerk who was Muslim decided they wanted to go by Sharia Law because of their religious beliefs, Christians would not agree to that. Or if a Jehovah’s Witness took a leadership position at a hospital and made everyone stop blood transfusions, that would have been stopped in about two seconds. If she doesn’t like her job, she needs to step down. I am a Christian but this is also a free country and I do not get to force anyone else to live my lifestyle. Instead of trying to control free people, maybe Christians need to really do what Jesus would do and help others like Syrian refugees or orphans. This is a big waste of time that is pushing people away from God.

      • Idiot Liberal

        Yeah, the mooslums you’re allowing to invade the USA are slaughtering gays over there. But they hate Christians, like you do, so you “overlook” it.

        Wait’ll they get here and start slicing up the gays. Oooh, boy…

  • Sandy Golsalves

    They jailed MLK for his beliefs, too… How’d that work out for the courts?

    Proud that she’s standing up for her religious beliefs against this abomination.

  • Idiot Liberal

    She’ll ultimately be found to be correct, but for the meantime she’ll sit in jail because the militant gays have momentum right now.

    This country is going into the toilet as we promote monstrosities like that Jenner thing as normal. It’s sick!


  • Scott

    She doesn’t have a right to impose her religious beliefs on other people. If she can’t execute the law, she is unfit for her job as a public servant. She has every right to obey her conscious and quit if her religious beliefs conflict with her job requirements. Sandy – This is more like George Wallace and desegregation than it is like MLK.

  • Maricela Gutierrez

    She is not doing her job so they have every right to do what they did…or she should of gotten fired…
    Its her job its what she gets PAID to do. If you cant do your job right bye bye to you…she has a right to her believes as do gay people getting married ir anyone at that.
    Its like if i refuse to give someone customer service because i dont believe they should get it…its stupid ill for sure get fired which is the right thing to do…dont like it then quit!!

  • Gabby Martinez

    Every one has the right to their choice of religion, but it doesn’t give you the right to push it onto others! Her convictions are her own. Pushing them off onto others is just wrong! Kin Davis is wrong! Enjoy jail missy!

  • CC Marshall

    She needs to find another position. Since she is an elected official, then recall her and oust her OUT!! She only found God after her FOURTH marriage. This is all for “15 minutes of fame”. Enjoy it!!

  • Idiot Liberal

    In this country, whether or not you like it, folks don’t have to do certain things if their religion forbids it. I won’t provide examples…you’re smart people.

    Apparently, that only applies to non-Christians.

    This is a horrible trend but America is become a laughing stock and a cesspool of sin so it’s not surprising.

    • Scott

      You are partially correct. She has the right to quit her job if it conflicts with her religious beliefs. No one is going to stop her. But she is acting as the government in her job as a civil servant and she is actually violating the 1st Amendment by imposing her particular religious beliefs on US citizens in her role as county clerk. Freedom of religion goes both ways! She’s also violating the 14th Amendment – the equal protection clause, based on the Supreme Court’s decision.

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