6 men booted from San Diego flight face federal charges

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SAN DIEGO -- Six men from San Diego facing criminally charges for interfering with a flight crew were expected to return home early Friday morning.

The men were facing Federal charges after being removed from a Southwest Airlines flight in Texas for being "disorderly," the U.S. attorney for North Texas announced Tuesday.

The six were on a flight from San Diego to Chicago on Monday night when they became "disruptive and did not comply with instructions" from flight attendants to quiet down and stop demanding liquor, the U.S. attorney said.

The Chaldean Soccer Club poses for a team photo. (Facebook)

The Chaldean Soccer Club poses for a team photo. (Facebook)

The six are set to appear in federal court Wednesday in Amarillo, Texas, on a charge that could bring 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine, prosecutors said.

Federal Criminal Complaint Chargers San Diego Men

Set to be charged are Saiman Hermez, 19; Jonathan Khalid Petras, 20; Ghazwan Assad Shaba, 21; Essa Solaqa, 20; Khalid Yohana, 19; and Wisam Imad Shaker, 23.

The six, members of a soccer team en route to a tournament in Chicago, refused to put their seat backs and tray tables up and defied requests to quiet down, responding that "they could be as loud as they want," according to a statement issued by U.S. Atty. John Parker.

They demanded alcohol and, when denied, "became aggressive by lunging forward at a flight attendant," the statement said.

Another flight attendant who also refused to provide alcohol was called a racist and a pig, the statement said. The men attempted "to incite other passengers to join their noncompliant behavior." Passengers were called profane names, the statement said.

A flight attendant "was in fear for the safety of the crew and passengers and asked the pilots to divert the aircraft," according to the U.S. attorney. The pilot decided to land in Amarillo "out of an abundance of caution," the airline said.

At Amarillo, an additional six passengers left the aircraft in apparent solidarity with the ejected passengers, the airline said. All the men were part of the same soccer team, authorities said.

Read Tony Perry's entire story at Los Angeles Times


      • Your Mom goes to college

        Yeah they must be Christian because so many Christians have Muslim names like Assad and Khalid. Ignorant moron!

        • Copticone

          FYI, Assad and Khalid aren’t “Muslim” names. Those are Arabic names, and there are millions of Christians with Arabic names.

        • Joey

          “YOUR MOM GOES TO COLLEGE” it is obvious yours did not, and most likely anyone in your family. The only moron on this post is you! Must be an internet banger! Will only speak up when sitting behind a computer. I am surprised you are literate enough to even use one. Go back to your cave idiot.

      • Chris

        No actually a lot of Assyrians are names Khalid. One of my cousins is a Khalid and they probably stapled the name Assad after bashar. Not every Arabic name is religious dude chill

  • ekmcmahon

    Is it just my imagination or is the number of idiots living in the country actually on the increase. How about having a photo of these ???? standing together facing the camera and then next to it a photo of the back side of 6 donkeys with a question “Which group looks smarter ?”
    They should be sentenced to at least 1/2 of the possible when they are found guilty.

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  • Mom

    Ridiculous little bullies. Get them off the team because clearly they have not matured, fine them all and put the money in for special needs children or low income children so they can learn a sport, and check if they have documentation. If not deport to ther country we need level headed people in the U.S.

    • ???

      To the cynical b***h also known as mom before criticizing and listening to that bullshit media crap, know the real facts. Those guys were racially discriminated because of their ethnicity, therefore they have every right to fight back. In other words they were not bullies. Now if it was a white person in their position or like those other idiots who go in to movie theater and shoot everyone than they’re just crazy and don’t even get locked up because of so called psychological issues. And don’t even get prosecuted for what they deserve. Yet if it was a black, Hispanic, middle Eastern, Asian, ect. You automatically accuse them of being the cause. And if you want to sit there talk about deporting people, based on studies America belonged to Indians until European colonist took over and claimed that it was their country just like every retarded white person believes. One suggestion is to go learn your history before you say something. I think it will benefit you to teach your children proper history mom. And instead of finning people inorder to go pay for those lazy ass low income people who do nothing but pop out children that they can’t afford and smoking crack, why don’t you find your self a decent minimum wage job just like all those immigrants who came from all over the world with no money, worked their ass off and still managed to make something out of themselves. Do your self a favor and think twice before leaving a comment on social media asking them to fine those poor kids inorder to pay your sorry ass living and have enough money to smoke crack. And yes honey they are immature kids. Go look at their ages theyre still kids who want to have fun in life. And btw at least their way of having fun is sticking to playing sports making something out of their life unlike those white trashy kids who do nothing but smoke weed all day.

      • truth hurts

        Couldn’t be happier these Muslimes will be locked up with Bubba in Texas. Hard to be taking any white peoples job with a felony on your record. Good luck with that ISIS boys.

        • ???

          If every Muslim person is labeled as ISIS. Than every white person should be labeled as meth head and child molester. Ps no one wants your McCdonald job.

        • God is love

          White people stop being racist for God sake!!! And for your information they are not MUSLIMS! And even tho Muslim know are not bad people, and they don’t belong to ISIS! ISIS doesn’t even know who God is! There is good people and bad people everywhere. White people are the biggest haters in this whole wide world

        • Mhm

          Who’s the racist person now. What’s your problem? Muslims aren’t isis us Muslims are trying to stop it unlike ignorant people in this world like you. Get your facts straight then come back okay? Okayy 😶✋ goodbye ignorant stranger

          • who is the ignorant one?

            You say ISIS aren’t Muslims? They are a Muslim caliphate you moron. What about the Muslim Brotherhood that has millions of members in Egypt that support ISIS? They aren’t Muslim?? What about Turkey that bombs the Kurds fighting ISIS? They aren’t Muslims?? What about the Millions of Muslims around the globe who support ISIS? They aren’t Muslims either??? Now ask yourself who is the ignorant one??? Meanwhile the rest of us will continue to discriminate against your warped twisted backwards religion any chance we get.

        • Zena

          They aren’t Muslim, Chaldeans are Catholic. The Chaldeans are a different Middle Eastern ethnicity. Please don’t talk about a certain ethnicity when you don’t know all the facts.

      • anon

        All these idiots bringing racism, religion and profiling into this scenario are wrong. Literally has nothing to do with any of that. It was 6 young people getting loud while asking for more alcohol on the plane. Thats it! As it turns out, only TWO of the six are even old enough to legally consume alcohol, hence the verbal “confrontation”. You people making race related comments or disparaging religion should be ashamed. This was not bias or profiling, it was some kids getting rowdy and drinking on a plane. Period.

      • anon

        Fool, this was not racial bias, profiling or discrimination. These kids were not OLD ENOUGH to drink alcohol. When the stewardess told them they couldn’t be served, they freaked and got loud with the stewardess. Period. Please do civilization a favor and shut up with your incredibly racist, “lets all hate whitey” stereotypes. You sound just as bad as any racist Ive ever heard.

      • Andy

        Well you just dicriminated against whites you dumbass. Where are the statistics that “every retarted white person” believes that. These kid should of just followed orders calmed down a bit and then the flight attendants would of seved the 23 year old and 21 year old what they wanted.

      • Boook

        Wow! You have a lot of rage inside you. You better do something about that. And, by the way, 19-25 are not kids. I’m glad they missed their tournament and ruined their vacation. Maybe they’ll learn something. Probably not, since they are of the generation that everything is racism. Thanks for that POTUS. Mark Arabo will most likely get them off without any penalties. Take my advice and get some help for that anger problem you have.

  • JIm

    These guys are Chaldeans?? WOW! The San Diego Chaldean community consists of over 50000 CHRISTIAN Iraqi refugees who fled Iraq because of persecution. Assimilation hasn’t been easy. According to the “Chaldean News” police said it’s been a challenge to educate the new Middle Eastern arrivals on differences in laws between the two regions, “including treatment of women.” Even so, they have struggled hard to not only blend in with the San Diego community but also to become respectable. These BOYS just flushed those hard earned efforts down the toilet. I hope their elders give them a hard verbal “whippin” for the embarrassment and shame they have brought to the Chaldean community.

  • bob

    If they were Jews talking loud and threatening people they would bumped to first class. Because telling them to quiet down would be anti Semitic

  • Gary

    Wait wait wait! Everyone here is missing the point Chaldea has a soccer team? Since when? Wow didn’t know that, is Ron the coach?

  • Denise

    Good for Southwest. I hope they don’t back down. They should be charged, esp. for the inconvenience to the other passengers of arriving in Chicago after 3 am and costs of diverting in Texas. They were speaking in their native tongue so that others wouldn’t understand. I see this behavior esp. towards women all the time in El Cajon.. I don’t care if they are Christians or Muslim, they are in the wrong.

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