Hammerhead shark sighting prompts La Jolla beach closures

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SAN DIEGO -- An 8 to 10-foot hammerhead shark was spotted Saturday off La Jolla shores, prompting nearby beach closures.

The shark was spotted around 1 p.m., according to the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department's Lifeguard Division.

Lifeguards received a report that the shark was showing aggressive behavior to a group of swimmers and kayakers. The swimmers climbed onboard kayaks and safely arrived at shore. The shark reportedly followed the kayakers to the beach.

The shark was last seen just beyond the surf line at the end of Avenida De La Playa at the south end of La Jolla Shores.

After deciding there was a threat to public safety. lifeguards evacuated the waters between La Jolla Cove and Scripps Pier. They will be closed for 24 hours.


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  • Stacy

    Shark doesn’t look aggressive to me way to create more fear of these beautiful creatures. The shark just looks curious

  • ronald way

    I am wondering why the idiot on the kayak was carrying a bleeding fish to attract the hammerhead in the first place … I thought that area was off limits to fishing.
    How many beach goers got to sit in the sand because of these clowns. Come on man. Seems to me they like playing with fire.

    • Jimmy

      Hi idiot, I am the one that recorded that. The fish that was caught was bled a few miles from there and kept in a hatch. We were just kayaking back to shore and came across the shark, which we were super excited to see. We were not scared. The media hyped this thing up. You are an idiot for believing the media. Idiot.

      • Republicans are dictators

        Elaine is VERY scared …. she will probably not go back there for a week! All thanks to you!

      • Janette

        WOW! How awesome was it? Great footage. Thank you for sharing. It’s a shame that people are gong to misconstrue it all.


    This particular shark has been persecuted by the racist lifeguards of the City of San Diego! Fins up! I can’t breathe!

  • Dick Lerma

    I was shocked to see on the website Transparent California almost 100 City of San Diego Lifeguards that make $100,000 a year. Now I understand why these City Lifeguards discriminate against blacks and females.
    I sure hope a female Vester Flanagan DOESN’T massacre the City of San Diego lifeguards and City of San Diego Junior lifeguards for the long history of discrimination against blacks and women.
    The last Black female lifeguard (Alison Terry) that sued the City of San Diego for discrimination only received $100,000 but her attorney received $1,000,000. and the City paid the entire $1,100,000.
    Any black female or male that gets hired by the City of San Diego are certain to be discriminated against, I would think more blacks would be more interested in getting hired by the City of San Diego, documenting the discrimination, get a lawyer, sue the City of San Diego.
    I guess for most blacks it’s just not worth the money working with these racist City of San Diego Lifeguards scumbags.

  • Etime Soy

    Make Kayakers bring their catch in and out of Blacks Beach, miles form LaJolla, have scripps set up a special shark chumming tank these sharks that follow the dead fish, into a trap, collect some of observation, when ready to release have kayaker that the shark followed to shore, taken them out a minimum of 30 miles. Its the dead and dying jaw fish that attracting them. Allow them to fish but in a different are, perhaps off coast of Del Mar where the can chum the water as the return.

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