‘Dead’ teen wakes up screaming, banging inside coffin; family smashes tomb

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LA ENTRADA, Honduras — A family in Honduras apparently smashed the tomb of their pregnant 16-year-old daughter after she reportedly woke up screaming and banging inside her coffin one day after she was buried.

A day after Neysi Perez’s funeral, her husband was visiting the gravesite when he heard banging and screams from inside the coffin. He spoke to Primer Impacto:

“As I put my hand on her grave, I could hear noises inside. I heard banging, then I heard her voice. She was screaming for help. It had already been a day since we buried her. I couldn’t believe it. I was ecstatic, full of hope.”

A cemetery worker also said he heard screams coming from inside the coffin.

Video shows Perez’s family using a hammer to break the concrete tomb holding the teen’s coffin in an attempt to save the girl.

Relatives told Primer Impacto the tips of Perez’s fingers were bruised and the viewing window on her coffin had been smashed.

Perez, still inside her coffin, was taken to a local hospital where she was declared clinically dead.

Perez mysteriously collapsed inside her Honduras home. The teen began foaming at the mouth, leading her religious parents to believe she was “possessed,” according to Primer Impacto. After a priest attempted to perform an exorcism, her body became “lifeless” and she was declared dead.

Doctors said Perez may have suffered a panic attack after hearing gunfire near her home, which could have temporarily stopped her heart, according to AOL.


  • Idiot Liberal

    I’m calling BS on this one. What likely happened was the family was hoping she wasn’t dead and heard what they wanted to hear.

    When they took her to the hospital, the doctor –once again–confirmed she was really, truly dead.

    (And please don’t bring her back. Her condition is not expected to improve.)

      • Sarah Lynn Thom

        She’s not alive. According to the post, she woke up, banged on the coffin, when the family opened the coffin, she began to foam at the mouth. An exorcism was performed, and then she was sent to the hospital and pronounced dead.

        • Idiot Liberal

          Actually, I’m not too sure there ever was any banging or yelling from the coffin. That’s what the family said, “hoping” against hope that the girl wasn’t really dead.

          They broke into the coffin and viola… She was stil dead.

        • RTFA

          The foaming at the mouth and unsuccessful exorcism were why she was in the coffin in the first place. Then when she regained consciousness in the coffin, either the stress of being buried alive finished her off, or the damage from the panic attack didn’t leave her enough strength to keep going (or a little bit of both). But you are correct that she didn’t live for long after the coffin was opened.

    • Idiot Liberal

      God doesn’t care because people die?


      Well all die. You will just burn in hell you miserable SOB.

      Ha ha ha .

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