Couple’s dream vacation gets rough start at airport

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SAN DIEGO - A couple from Philadelphia had their enjoyable vacation in San Diego stolen before they got to enjoy it.

The Wlotkos thought their luggage was misplaced by their airline, but while waiting for their lost bags to be brought to them, they were informed that it was "more than likely your bag was stolen," after police found luggage tags on the ground . They told the Wlotkos that "some bags were empty and some were taken."

Carol Wlotko said a number of other Southwest passengers also had their luggage stolen. She said she can't understand how this could happen.

A Southwest airlines employee told FOX 5 that unclaimed luggage is stored in a supervised area adjacent to the baggage claim.

Carol Wlotko didn't lose her bags. It was her husband's luggage that was stolen.  The couple had to spend time and money -- close to $250 at local stores -- to replace some of what was stolen --  just to "cover the basics" she said.

She said she has to fill out forms with Southwest to get reimbursed for the missing items.  She expects that "to be a battle".


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  • carmel

    This is so sad for the couple and others who had their luggage stolen. Unfortunately, most airports don’t even do a baggage claim check so anyone can walk off with luggage that isn’t their own.

  • thechurchofchrismartin

    Only fly airlines like Southwest that allow you one free bag, like these people did and CARRY IT ON to keep an eye on it. Once I has some stuff stolen out of my luggage, I started bringing on my rolling suitcase into the cabin and have had no theft ever since. You learn to pack light and not stress about baggage claim hassles that way.

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