Wanted Houston rapper may be in San Diego

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SAN DIEGO – A manhunt is underway to find a rapper on the run who federal officials believe may be in San Diego.

Calderon Texada, also known as “Yung Lefty,” is a rapper accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl in Houston.

“Our U.S. Marshal’s office in San Diego is on alert and we are also working with some local law enforcement,” said Deputy U.S. Marshal Alfredo Perez, who spoke to FOX 5 from the Southern District of Texas. “He may have a following or some contacts in the Southern California area."

In October of 2013, Texada kidnapped a girl as she was walking to school, took her behind a building, raped her and then threw her out of his car.

“After he was done raping her he took her back to her apartment complex and just dumped her,”Perez said.

Texada was arrested and posted bail. He even showed up in court, but that was the last time he was seen. When the judge called his name, there was no answer.

“During a break in the court proceedings, he said he was going to the restroom," Perez said. “He just left the court house at that point and never came back.”

Since June 1Texada has been on the run, but he continues to promote his music through social media.

In his latest video posted on YouTube, he event taunts police.

“I don’t really give a [expletive] about these laws," he raps. "Try come to get me. Evidently, I didn’t mention how I missed the penitentiary, but I’m not going to tell my business cause of all these [expletive] snitches.”

“I hate to say it, but he challenged the wrong people, you don’t want to challenge us to find him because we’re really good at this,” Perez said.

Perez also said Texada is a self-declared gang member of “the Bloods.” He has a previous record, including assault and evading police.

Anyone who sees him or has information is asked to not approach him and to call police.