Chula Vista ranked worst U.S. city to take a staycation

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SAN DIEGO – Chula Vista was ranked by WalletHub as the No. 1 worst U.S. city to take a staycation, TIME reported this week.

The personal finance website defines a staycation -- a vacation spent at home or nearby -- as a time lasting about four days.

The cities were derived from a 100-city ranking of America’s most densely populated cities, according to TIME. Seventeen metrics were used, including the number of swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, zoos and museums in each city.

Each city was assigned three numerical rankings based on the metrics: recreation, food and entertainment, and rest and relaxation.

Chula Vista ranked 95th for recreation, 97th for food and entertainment and 100th for rest and relaxation.

Five California cities made the list for the top 10 worst U.S. cities for staycations: San Bernardino (No.6), Fremont (No. 4), Anaheim (No. 3), Santa Ana (No. 2) and Chula Vista (No. 1).

No California cities made the list for the top 10 best U.S. cities for staycations.

The 10 worst U.S. cities for staycations:

No. 10: Laredo, Texas

No. 9: Newark, New Jersey

No. 8: North Las Vegas, Nevada

No. 7: Hialeah, Florida

No. 6: San Bernardino, California

No. 5: Jersey City, New Jersey

No. 4: Fremont, California

No. 3: Anaheim, California

No. 2: Santa Ana, California

No. 1: Chula Vista, California

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  • Ron B

    I’d like to staycation in the south with my sister and participate in an inbreeding orgy with the rest of the trailer trash GOP voters.

      • l

        I’m from chula vista and I am not illegal , a douchbag nor am I a weed smoker thank you very much. Get your facts straight before you generalize people ignorant ass

  • Idiot Liberal

    Take a look at the 100 worst spots. Guess what they all have in common? Yup, liberal run cesspools of minorities.
    Not hate-filled rhetoric, just facts.
    Ha ha Chula Juana!
    BTW: You’re a liberal douchebag, Ron. Ha ha.

      • Idiot Liberal

        When the douchebag illegal African won I said, “Watch this.”

        I just laugh and laugh at what the scumbag in our White House has done to this country. Minorities’ specifically blacks and Latinos are much worse off.

        Ha ha ha ha ha.. It hurts to laugh at you fools, but it’s so enjoyable!

    • obvious

      Actually the one thing they have in common is being a decent drive from a few, very large attractions at a regional, national, or even international level. These metrics may be weighted to volume more than quality for a lot of tastes

  • Elaine

    Doesn’t help that Chula Vista CITY allows both SleepTrain Amphitheater & Aquatica Seaworld to be known as being in SAN DIEGO, when, BOTH are in fact IN CHULA VISTA and BOTH have Chula Vista ZIP CODES !!
    So, two fairly large places for Entertainment and Fun we are not given credit for !!

  • Daniel Fernandez

    mostly do to a pure suburban sprawl. i live in chula for my hole life and i would not staycation here. for being a place to call home its not bad mainly because its quiet. but chula is boring. so many homes that you have to drive just to buy some beer or food to eat. in chula having a car is a must. and it dosent help that the new gody development in down town Chula vist (2 blocks from my house) was a huge wast of money and ended up hurting the local small business in the area. the last thing chula vista needs in more suburban housing. we need parks, more small stores in each corner so we dont have to drive just to buy some milk or smokes. its the biggest city in san diego and the only time you see people when they are not in their homes is when they are walking to and from their cars. and at the store. the old YMCA in down town chula vist could use and upgrade. oh above all BETTER INTERNET CABLE PROVIDERS. NOT HATING ON COX THAT ARE OK BUT WE COULD USE SOME FIBER OPTIC. LIKE GOOGLE FIBER OR WHAT EVER WORKS.

  • Luis F Quiroz

    What a crappy survey…. They rank the city alone for its attractions only and not its surrounding area? Plenty of beaches around, parks, etc. nearby… Just because it isn’t IN chula vista it doesn’t count? Chula Vista might be a “large” city but its not a tourist destination its mainly grown purely due to suburban and residential areas.
    And wow talk about the high level of racism here. Nice to see FOX5 gives no shits about moderating.

  • Allen Sanchez

    Where you gonna go?? tacos el Gordo, then get diarrhea and pay $8000 dollars to be triaged at Sharp chula vista and then stand in line for the bathroom at chula vista mall

  • Phil T.

    It’s sad, but every city shown on the “worst of” lists were minority run.

    Not surprising, just sad.

    They come up here to escape their craphole 3rd world countries, then immediately turn their new homes into 3rd world crapholes, as well.

    CV, nasty city and all of the other minority-run cities are laughing stocks.

    Hey, but keep doing what you’re doing….so your kids will enjoy the filth you leave them, too.

  • terrence p

    but if you do a staycation in Chula Vista you can pretend that you went to mexico. it will certainly seem like it

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