Boil water order issued for Mount Laguna campgrounds

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MOUNT LAGUNA, Calif. — For the third time this year, San Diego County Thursday issued a “boil water” order for campgrounds at Mount Laguna supplied by the federal water system.

This time, the order only affects three campgrounds — Horse Heaven, Laguna and El Prado.

The water at those locations tested positive for total coliform bacteria. That usually means contamination from dirt or other environmental sources, according to the county Department of Environmental Heath.

The DEH said the remaining portions of the water system operated by the U.S. Forest Service are not affected.

Also not covered by the order are the Stuart Water Company, which services most of the private businesses and residences on Mount Laguna, including lodging and both restaurants; and the Mount Laguna Improvement Association system, operated by private cabin owners who own Forest Service land lease cabins in the Mt. Laguna area.

The order will remain in effect until the distribution system has been disinfected and additional samples confirm the absence of bacteria in the water supply, the DEH said.