Made in San Diego: Coola Suncare

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  • Stephen

    The Conscience-ness Recovery and Retention Center
    ‘Conscience Reawakening in a Conscience-less World’

    The oneconscience project ‘100% Money Back Guarantee’

    Offering participation opportunities in the oneconscience project.

    The oneconscience project is about raising individual happiness levels.

    The oneconscience project is designed to assist you to: “Always let your conscience be your guide.” as ol’ Jiminy, the cricket, is quoted to have said.

    The oneconscience project is about honing your existing skills to make more decisions more frequently that are more closely aligned with your conscience.

    Over time, depending upon how hard you work at it, the ratio of your conscience-ness based decisions will increase, your own sense of self esteem will increase, and thusly, your levels of personal contentment heartfelt happiness will increase.

    And yes, it is that counterintuitively simple to raise personal contentment levels and heartfelt happiness levels.

    But there is a catch ( it always seems that there has to be a catch, doesn’t it?)
    It will be hard work both mentally and physically, and it will most likely turn out to be the most difficult project you have ever undertaken because it will be about you.

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt is quoted to have said; “The only thing to fear is fear itself.”
    Well, that fear is relatively inconsequential when compared to the fear of what you don’t know about yourself.

    But facing fear, especially one as large as you suspect this one has transmogrified into, is more than half the struggle to overcoming the fear, the rest is in the understanding of the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ the fear got a purchase on you in the first place.

    Once you are at the point in life when you want to overcome the fear of what you don’t know about yourself, you will be ready to participate in the oneconscience project modified-100%-money-back guarantee program.

    When you have completed the program (20 weeks min, more likely closer to 52 weeks because it is hard work) and KNOW that you are firmly reacquainted with your innate, instinctive, intuitive, and insightful conscience on a daily basis,(there will be a written essay for ‘the final’.), you may ask the oneconscience project to issue a check for the full amount shown below, in your name, to whomever you choose, except yourself of course, to use however they choose. (A slightly modified ‘pay-it-forward’ 100% money back guarantee.)

    The cost to you to be happier for the rest of this one life that you know is yours to live: $100.00

    Sincerely, stephenkirby chief program designer 8-9-15 12:05 pm pdt
    Conscience-ness Recovery and Retention Center
    the oneconscience project

  • EcoBeautyGal

    Love COOLA sunscreen! I have been a user for years, and won’t even look at another sunscreen to use. This is sunscreen that doesn’t feel like sunscreen. A++

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