‘Jackass’ star Steve-O climbs crane in anti-SeaWorld stunt

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LOS ANGELES – A day after reality TV star and animal rights activist Steve-O posted videos on social media of a Hollywood-based stunt that ended in his arrest, officials said Monday morning he was still in the process of being booked, KTLA reported.

Best known for his dangerous and outrageous performances on the MTV show “Jackass,” Steve-O has since set out to perform offbeat stunts in the name of animal rights.

Steve-O, born Stephen Glover, was arrested Sunday night after firefighters responded to reports of a possible suicide attempt in the 6000 block of West Selma Avenue and later discovered it was a publicity stunt.

The ordeal began when Steve-O climbed a 100-foot crane, inflated a large killer whale balloon with the words “SeaWorld Sucks” on it and allegedly set off fireworks, the AP reports.

At the time, Steve-O was wearing a T-shirt that said “Blackfish,” referring to the 2013 documentary about the captivity of killer whales, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Steve-O live streamed the stunt on his Facebook page, garnering millions of views and thousands of “likes” and comments, but officials did not find his antics amusing.

“He’s trying to make a statement I suppose, and it’s highly discouraged because it’s absolutely wasting a lot of police and fire resources on this,” Los Angeles Police Department Lt. Michael Ling said.

More than 30 LAPD officers were called to the scene, where Selma Avenue was temporarily closed, the Times reports.  

An “air rescue cushion” was also deployed by the Los Angeles Fire Department personnel. The reaction from officials seemed to amuse the celebrity.

“How many cops do we have,” Steve-O asked in one of three videos posted on his Facebook page Sunday documenting the stunt. “We got one, two … I saw a bunch. We definitely have their attention.”Steve-O proceeded to say climbing the crane was “creepy” but exciting.

“Cops are going to have to wait for kind of a while I think. I got a few things to do,” he said.

His last Facebook post of the night asked, “Anyone want to bail me out of jail?”

Steve-O eventually climbed down from the crane and was taken into custody, according to officials with the Los Angeles Police Department.

He was expected to be booked on suspicion of trespassing, setting a firework without a permit, and conspiracy to commit a crime, Ling said.

Additionally, he may be booked for filming without a permit, the AP reports.

Sunday’s stunt was not the first time Steve-O filmed himself climbing high in the name of animal rights.

In August 2014, he posted a video to YouTube showing himself defacing a San Diego freeway sign by altering the “SeaWorld Drive” exit sign to say “SeaWorld Sucks.”

‘Jackass’ star Steve-O charged for ‘SeaWorld Sucks’ freeway prank


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  • It's me, Stu

    Well he sure stars on the right program, a real First Class Jackass.

    And beside, they aren’t animal rights activists. All they are concerned about are one species, the whales. What about the rest of the animals in captivity. Or dogs and cats in shelters. Or birds in cages. Don’t forget the hamsters, they were once wild. Do they care about mankind as much as they care about animals?

    For the child that will never see and Orca or Dolphin, never witness an Elephant or Giraffe up close, or a Polar Bear or a Shark because they have never seen the ocean or Alaska. With proper care, these parks open the world to small children. Teaches them to develop a love of animals for which one day they may choose to protect in the wild.

    PETA and the rest of you nut cases, wake up and do something constructive. Get jobs in these parks to insure that the animals are being cared for and protected. Help teach our youth about these animals and how to prevent many from becoming extinct. Show people how to coexist with nature so mankind and animals can learn from each other. The Rhino is almost gone, how come you aren’t there protecting them. If we can’t teach mankind to love one another, how do we teach mankind to love the animals. Yet many times it is easier to love animals. lol

    • nettt0

      Have you watched the documentary “Blackfish”? Yes, no, why?
      Let’s say you haven’t- have you even wondered why $eaWorld hasn’t sued the makers of the documentary or try to stop it from being shown on cable? Are you afraid to open your eyes?
      Until I saw the documentary, I didn’t think much about $eaworld, cetaceans, or PETA. I still do not agree with some of PETA’s positions but I do know keeping cetaceans (whales, dolphins, porpoises) in tanks is wrong.

      • It's me, Stu

        Then why do they just cry Orca? Why aren’t they crying for the other captured creatures? I can make a movie and edit it to make any point. I question when a group single out 1 thing and not all things that are equal to the one. Like I said, they feel so deep about the Orca, get a job to protect them and ensure they are not abuse. But don’t stop at one animal, all are equal, or do you think a shark is less than an Orca in captivity. Or any other animal that is caged or tanked.

          • nettt0

            Because a White shark or Blue whale would not “thrive” at $eaWorld, as they claim orcas are “thriving”. I don’t know how forced insemination, performing for their food, being pumped up with antibiotics and antidepressants constitutes “thriving”… or a better life than what they would have in the wild.

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