Bicyclist dies in crash while pedaling in the middle of I-15

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SAN DIEGO - Miles of red lights dotted the N I-15 in Rancho Bernardo Monday morning around 4:30 after CHP says a white GMC pick-up truck hit and killed a bicyclist.

As of Monday afternoon, CHP was still looking for the hit and run driver with a damaged truck. They say the driver stopped for ten minutes, but then took off.

"In a scene like this, there was very light traffic, so just the impact that the body received, spread the evidence through a lot of lanes," said CHP Sgt. Sofia Mosqueda.

The impact the GMC had created a domino effect, with multiple cars hitting each other to dodge the debris.

Car and bicycle parts laid scattered on the highway near Rancho Bernardo Road, as investigators tried to piece together who the bicyclist was.

The crash was so powerful, it took them hours just to determine the victim was a man. As of Monday afternoon, his name or why he was riding on the freeway is still a mystery.

CHP says he was likely in the second closest lane to the center divider.

Bicyclists aren't allowed anywhere on this stretch of the I-15, unlike parts of the I-5 and Highway 56.

But Andy Hanshaw, the executive director of the San Diego Bike Coalition says he doesn't even believe the legal lanes on those freeways are safe for bicyclists.

"Safer, separated facilities that are comfortable to ride in and not in such high speed areas is what we're pushing for," said Hanshaw.

All lanes were reopened just before 8:30 a.m. Monday.

Google Map for coordinates 33.024456 by -117.086171.


    • Eugene

      It is permitted by default, but local authorities can and do prohibit riding on freeways if there are alternate routes available, so it’s prohibited in most large cities. There’s no valid reason for a cyclist to be on I-15 in that area since there are perfectly good alternate routes (the section between Pomerado/West Bernardo and Via Rancho Parkway is the only stretch where it is legal, and even that part is avoidable since we have a pedestrian/bicycle bridge over Lake Hodges now.)
      Even when permitted, you are supposed to stay on the shoulder, as far right as possible, it’s usually not very fun (I did it a few times), being passed by semi’s = serious wind buffeting, and there’s all sorts of crap on the shoulder so you have to watch the pavement.
      Riding in main traffic lanes, especially as far as the 2nd lane from the median, at 4 in the morning, is not only illegal but suicidal, and suggests that the guy was under the influence or had mental problems.

    • KathyBFisher

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  • SteffiC

    Wow, that’s pretty heavy. RIP, bicyclist. 😳
    Hope they find the hit and run driver. Maybe it’s not their fault, maybe it is, but you can’t just drive off.

  • Eric

    “Bicyclists aren’t allowed anywhere on this stretch of the I-15, unlike parts of the I-5 and Highway 56.” This is not correct. There are bike lanes on I-15, north and south, between Pomerado Rd and Via Rancho Pkwy (traversing Lake Hodges).

  • pmorr

    He wasn’t selling anything(peddling), he was riding his bike(pedaling). What ever happened to grammar and punctuation? Spell check won’t catch grammar or punctuation errors…….people have to do that. I guess they don’t teach that in schools any more. Social promotions and common core don’t make the cut!

  • Joe

    the guy who hit is prob. @ home eating some tacos and watching soccers no good pisahs it mean illegals haha send all those mofos back..

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