New speed trailers remind drivers to slow down

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SAN DIEGO -- A pair of new speed display trailers will help slow down drivers in the northeastern portion of the city, the San Diego Police Department and Councilman Mark Kersey said Thursday.

The trailers are enhanced versions of the ones that hold signs showing drivers how fast they're going. They're solar powered, so they can be deployed longer, and will collect data on average speeds and car counts to help determine if permanent traffic calming measures are warranted.

"Our neighborhood streets need to be safe for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers alike,'' Kersey said. "Speeding is especially dangerous where we have schools and parks. My hope is these speed trailers will serve as reminders to residents to slow down and put the safety of their neighbors first.''

The trailers will be used in the department's northeastern division, which covers Carmel Mountain Rancho, Mira Mesa, Rancho Bernardo, Rancho Penasquitos, Sabre Springs and Scripps Ranch.

While it's hard to quantify the speeding problem, they get constituent complaints regularly about speeding in their neighborhoods, Kersey's office said.


  • Drive safe, i think!

    Can you say road hazard? These flipping trailers are nothing but a sitting target for the idiotic driver, and a liability to the tax payers of San Diego! Just watch how drivers whom are driver handicapped (dummies) aim for these road hazards!

    • EdwardVWilkerson

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  • Rob

    They have one of these set up in Escondido in a 40 mph zone, but it flashes a strobe light and tells you to slow down when you hit 30 mph.

  • Bad, stupid, wasteful, future revenue generators!

    Wasteful excuse for the cops to sit back and let a machine do their job half assedly. They trailers are a gateway for future revenue generation. Remember the red light cams? These things will eventually have on board cameras to get license numbers and your mug! Think of the hazard these will create when Mr. Jitterfoot in front of you slams his breaks (out of habit) when he sees the trailer! Bad, stupid, wasteful, future revenue generators!

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