Woman pistol-whipped during North Park mugging

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SAN DIEGO – A woman was recovering after being pistol-whipped during one of two overnight robberies in North Park, police said.

The first occurred on the 3900 block of Iowa Street at 11:05 p.m. A man was walking down the street when he was mugged by two suspects with a handgun. The suspects were described as black males, approximately 6 feet tall, wearing dark hoodies.

They were seen getting into a dark-colored SUV, possibly a Toyota Venza, and fleeing the scene after the mugging, according to San Diego police. They managed to get off with a cell phone and wallet.

A second mugging occurred at 12:34 a.m., nearby on 31st and Landis streets in North Park. Suspects of a similar description with a handgun stole a cell phone and money from a man and a woman.

The man, fearing the muggers would shoot, attempted to grab the gun away from the robbers, who then pistol-whipped the woman he was with. She was not seriously hurt. The muggers got off with about $200 in cash from the second robbery.

Police were investigating to determine if the robberies were connected.


  • Missy Jones

    So sick and tired of these hood rats, they have no morals or values, they are all cowards who think they can rob, rape, steal and commit home invasions, they need to be exterminated, they are literally moving in and destroying our neighborhoods.

    • davepretty

      I live in North Park. I’ve lived in North Park long before gentrification hit and changed the landscape of the whole neighborhood. While yes, there’s occasional crime, it’s far less dangerous than it was 20 years ago. Hell, even 10 years ago.

      According to your Facebook page, you reside in Washington and are originally from Wisconsin. I don’t think you can really complain about people, “literally moving in and destroying our neighborhoods” when you don’t even reside in the neighborhood the article is about.

      That is…unless “literally moving in and destroying our neighborhoods” refers to the cohabitation and intermingling of a certain group of people into traditionally identicalness and exclusive neighborhood.

  • WilliamsErnest57

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  • Samantha

    Cowards! Try getting jobs so you don’t have to take from others who work hard. Better yet, I hope someone pistol whips your mama.

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