Woman found dead in Encinitas house fire identified

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Shelby Ann Black (DMV)

ENCINITAS, Calif. — A 23-year-old woman found dead following a fire at an Encinitas mansion with a checkered past died from burns and smoke inhalation, the county Medical Examiner’s Office reported Tuesday.

Investigators located the body of Shelby Ann Black in an upstairs bedroom while searching through the charred remnants of the roughly 3,500- square-foot Rancho Encinitas Drive home after the fire early Thursday morning, according to the medical examiner’s office and the sheriff’s department. Authorities listed her cause of death as third and fourth degree thermal burns and inhalation of products of combustion.

A dog was also found dead after the fire at the residence near Caminito Ricardo erupted for unknown reasons about 3:45 a.m. Thursday. It took firefighters from several area agencies over an hour to get the intense flames under control.

A resident of the home who was able to get out of the burning structure was hospitalized for treatment of burns and cuts. An update on his condition was not immediately available.

The home was the subject of numerous complaints about drug-related activity and other suspicious activities.

Last December, a search warrant served at the home culminated in half a dozen arrests on suspicion of various offenses, including drug crimes. Sheriff’s personnel conducted several more searches of the premises over the next several months, making more arrests for alleged drug- and warrant-related offenses, sheriff’s officials said.


  • melinda oporto

    I am setting here beside my brother the man who survived this fire. We dont know how.. But he would really like to reach out and talk to Shelbys mother. If anyone knows her family to pass this on and he can be contacted through me.

        • Kellie white

          Do not give that man or his family any of shelby’s family any of her familys information leave them alone you have done enough to her family take your coward brothers b.s. and tell it to someone who dont know better

          • saavageEAastOaklanDdwoodZ.........

            A man is a man. They often have evil ways and can kill. A woman is evil too. But put them side by side and your judement quickly tells you whos the evil one. I dont know them byt this seems all too strtange. The police need to do a homicide investigation. First 48 is gone. Society will sort this one i guess

          • melinda

            I didn’t ask for her families info, I offered mine. My brother is anything but a coward. They were both adults and there at their own free will. No one left anyone. There was no foul play involved, I sat there with the arson investigator and my brother and I know first hand what happened. You all will be ashamed of yourself when you learn the truth. And I don’t care what kind of checkered past the house had, or checkered past anyone had, This tragic accident had nothing to do with any of that.

    • Kellie white

      Leave her family alone don’t you think your coward brother has done enough to her friends and family he left her and his last words be for he took her was do not wory she is in good hands I will keep her safe LIAR DOPE FIEND SELF CENTERED CRACK HEAD LEAVE HER FAMILY ALONE!!!!

      • Kellie white

        And for you have o say you know first hand is a bold face lie were you there in that house hell no and for you to blow smoke up anyones ass I know for a fact when any investigation is being done there would be no one else allowed to be president accept for his attorney and anyone with a brain knows if he had any thing to do with her death he sure the hell wouldnt admit it so what was he do I in that house squatting or did he do the dirty deed of burn in down that house on purpose for the owners also her mom has told me she has no disire to ever speak with you or your brother so leave her alone

        • Melinda Henry Oporto

          I sat there through the whole interview, so you don’t know what the f you are talking about, and they don’t just go by my brothers word, they go by the evidence. So keep opening your mouth and making an idiot of yourself. Why was she at a flop house eating and taking a shower and using it for a place to get some sleep and rest? why wasn’t she home with her kids or with you her loving friend and or family?

          • Kellie white

            Because your punk assednbrother came and picked her up from her home and told her roommate dont worry she is in safe hands I will take good care of her and Bring her back safe and sound her roommate was thinking to himself omg I hope shrlby realizes what she is doing but she is a big girl but thought your brother was nothing but shady so did anyone else who met him with her she was not needing to get a hand out she was apearently trust in your brother the yellow belly and was getting to know him and you are an ignorant idiot who I would enjoy going toe to toe with and your lame assed brother any day any time and for your info no arson investigater will tell you or your brother a fucking thing its an investigation and her own family has not been privy to know the cause of fire in the house because its an investigation they are looking at foul play regard thats why an arson investigater is involved because if there was an obvious cause like faulty word on

          • Kellie white

            Then an arson investigater would not envision your punk coward brother nor would a loud mouth idiot who runs their neck be allowed in an interview with an arson investigater when you were no were near that house next involved nor know a damned thing that would have any bearing in the case so go blow your crap up someone else’s ass and dont think people dont know why your trying to talk all this bullshit just to help your coward brother out from his heroin addicted strung out ass when the real truth not your perverted truth comes out because it will truth never stays in the dark it always makes its way to the light of the day and hope your brothers Skeltons come out to play with him every day he breaths and shelby doesn’t breath and I promise you this say one more nasty remark towards shelby and said one more thing about her as a mother or defiled her name and I promise you you wont sleep one night without your eyes wide open looking over your shoulder for karma to come for you I put my word on that

    • Kellie white

      There is nothing you or your brother can ever say or do to change the fact my best friend in this life is dead he took her there he made himself responsible for her safety he should have stayed in there till he got her out instead he wants to lie about searching for her I call bullshit he jumped out that window and left her to burn alive nothing can redeem him he should have stayed until he got her out or died with her trying he took her to that house he is responsible bottom line

      • Melinda Henry Oporto

        She was an adult, and there on her own free will. She was a drug user as much as my brother was, so don’t put her out there as an innocent little girl who was forced to be there. And I could care less of your assumptions and accusations about my brother and what he should or shouldn’t have done, or what you would have did, My brother is one of the most caring and humble people you could ever meet, And is anything but a coward.

        • Kellie white

          Watch your punk assed mouth shelby did not do heroin your niger of a brother does he is a low life shady as fuck no good leach feeding off the souls of society by draw in in customers to fill his syringe with more heroin disregarding human life by stealing thier souls and replacing them with a heroin junkie just like he is he is a heroin dealer he prays on society and gets them hooked on his shit shelby was as beautiful in her heart towards people as she was to look at she never wanted to see bad in people she only wanted to p roove they are good and believed everyone deserves that chance and respect she did not judge people like your soulless brother she wanted to only love people and be loved and her only mistake was trusting your brother to keep her safe she wanted to get to know hom and he wanted her to sell his dieses drugs that kills life in everyone it touches he was trying to get her t make him money and whatever story he used to manipulate her into believing he needed her help to make money or what ever people like him need she was always down to help someone it made her feel she was worth something it made her feel she could make some kind of differance and gave her a sence of pride and for you to say things to make her life and her morals and her soul into some cheap unworthy lowlife drug addict who had that coming or that she even if she did have a drug addiction does that mean her life was non relevant or to depict her life and who she was as oh well one less of her kind in this world we have to deal with that is the most disgusting hateful evil nasty low and inhumane thing to ever come out of anyones mouth who claims to want to talk to her mother to tell her how sorry you and your brother are for the loss of her only daughters life even more gut wrenching and heartless thing I have ever witnessed in my entire life and it is people like you who need to be banished from this earth it is people like you who are the ruin of this world and to try and devalue the loss of her life and as if she was someone like charles Manson just to cover up and trivialize what your brother caused to happen to her makes me want to be all the things that make humanity fear every little fear the anger you provoke in me with your ignorant and pathetic mouth is almost unsubscribable you have the most malicious hypocritical and superficial mind and all your mouth knows how to do is spit out lies and fake words of empathy take your foul evil bullshit and quit while you can abd have an epiphany that might save your ass and never ever open your mouth and let shelby’s name or anything about her come.out of it ever again in your life karma is real and she knows who you are and where you lay your head at night karma dont miss a beat

          • Melinda Henry Oporto

            all i read was your first line, never once did i say she used heroin, neither does my brother use that.. so i refuse to even continue reading your post.

  • Christy Huber

    Wonder why the guy that escaped the fire didn’t try and get her out too? No mention of him trying to help her. Sad story, she was so young and a mother too.

    • Melinda Henry Oporto

      My brother just became coherent enough to talk to investigators 2 days ago. And I bet you won’t see the real story on the news. Just like the secret passage ways and hiding spaces, lol the house was infested with rats, they had removed all the insulation out between the walls trying to comply with code enforcement. These were the secret rooms and passages that te news claims was there. There was no foul play, no meth lab, no illegal activity involved in this fire. If you wake up with your body in flames, your lungs filled with smoke, you cant get a breath as if you were drowning in a pool of water, no visibility to a door, a hallway, a window, nothing, No answer from someone thats there with you when you scream their name to try and find them, are you going to stand there and burn alive, or are you going to fight for away out of that house? My brother didn’t simply jump out of a window, He almost lost his arm and leg and life trying to bust it out while he was being burnt alive as well. He didn’t jump from the roof or the window,, he passed out from his injuries as he busted through it and he collapsed unconscious on the roof and his body rolled off of it. I don’t care what kind of checkered past the house had or anyone in it, These two adults chose to be there and the fire was started by something as simple as someone putting something over a lamp to dim the light., And for the record it wasn’t my brother who did so. So for all you judgmental people who wants to point blame and find someone at fault, I feel sorry for you. God says for those that judge, you will also be judged in the same manner. This is not easy for anyone to go through. this was a horrific tragic accident. A young lady lost her life, and although we didn’t know her personally, our hearts hurt for the family. My brother didn’t walk away with a few cuts, burns and bruises, my brother has already had five operations. He has 3rd degree burns. and limbs that were almost severed. And through it all, He hasn’t once cried over his pain or complained. The only tears that he sheds is not being able to save his friends life.

      • Kellie white

        Once again you are telling a distorted version of the truth your brother was not on fire inside the house it was smile filled yes but he did not set on fire in that bed he smashed through that window and cut himself while running out of there like a fucking coward a scared heroin addict who was so strung out he couldn’t even be a man his burns were attained after he was out of the window and he flopped down on to the tile roof as the explosions hit that room and exploded out the remaining windows he was conscious he was high on heroin the burns were from him lying on the tile roof as the fire rose up from the first floor under that roof he was awake because the preacher and his son had built a platform big enough for him to jump not safely as they yelled out to him t to plead jump there was safety he answered to them its to high I cant make it he let his high ass sizzle like bacon on that roof tile thats where the burns came from how do you live with yourself how do you wake up in the morning and look at yourself in the mirror without shame and self loathing knowing you are using shelby’s horrific death and painting a picture of lies about her to make it acceptable to the public that her death was triffle and despensable because she was a dope addict and a mother that abbondon her 3children and was a waste of life while at the Sam time painting a picture of your brother as a victim and an honorable man who should be made to feel sory for and be looked at as brave or even to be taken pitty on and feel sympathetic towards poor poor jeremy fuck that and fuck you and fuck your coward assed drug dealing heroin addict soulless shady mouse of a brother go to hell where you belong he is the predators of the worst kind he killed her know that he is in my eyes a MURDERER

        • Melinda Henry Oporto

          Ill pray for you.. you have no idea what happened.. and yes my brother was on fire inside of that house.. Ill pray for you, whoever you are.. sounds like you need a touch of therapy, or a touch from God!!!

  • Melissa Gonzalez

    It breaks my heart that my cousin died in this horrible accident and her name is being smeared of her checkered past and linking her to this house and it’s past history. For all anyone knows she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Her death is hard on my whole family and then we have to continually hear this slander. Don’t judge! No one is perfect but she didn’t deserve to die this way regardless of her so called checkered past

    • Melinda Henry Oporto

      No one deserves to die the way she did, I don’t care if you were the most hardened criminal. Just because someone has an addiction or a checkered past, it doesnt make them any less of a person or of importance then anyone else. I am sorry that people have no compassion for others anymore.

  • hunter munsterman

    As if shelby’s death isn’t tragic enough, now having to deal with this. Her family does not need your judgment. Shelby was my best friend and the closest thing i had to a sister. Show some respect.

    • Kellie white

      Hunter can you believe these people who do they think they are to try and talk to our shelby’s mom as if they have not done enough to hurt shelby’s family they need to leave her family alone!!!!!

      • Melinda Henry Oporto

        And who is they? You are putting my brother and his whole family in the same category? We live total different lives, we have never been to that house or anywhere near it the whole six and a half years he has lived there. Because we are adults who make a conscious decisions and choices. Our mom is a minister and pastors a church, and a parent who is also going through a horrific ordeal to see their child go through what her son is going through.

  • Candyce

    Honestly there is something up that your brother made it out and she didn’t cause I’ve known here for years she would of jump out a window before lay there and die so yeah leave her family alone for good . There’s a side to that story no one will know but she had something to live for so back off

    • Melinda Henry Oporto

      Its pretty hard to jump out of a window when you are over come with smoke and fire while you lay there asleep.

      • Kellie white

        She was not lay in there asleep bitch she was found elsewhere he is a lying punk and your a fool to believe his filthy lies they were not in bed so go to hell

  • Neighbor

    Not sure why everyone is shocked and surprised. That house was a KNOWN, documented drug house that had a huge swat standoff in December with several arrests. More arrests have been made since then. Hard drugs such a heroin and meth (among other things) were found there. Gangs and other unsavory characters were known to frequent the home. This was not a regular, white picket fence house with lovely residents. I live in close proximity and so do many families with small children. That house and it’s people were mosty people struggling with addiction or criminals. It is quite tragic that people were hurt or injured but in life we all have the free will to make choices. Poor choices often lead down a path of sadness and tragedy. We have to be accountable for ourselves and the decisions we make. I hope this house will be rebuilt for a nice family and life can move on.

    • Kellie white

      First of all shelby had a him and sge had never been to that house that man took her there and shelby’s life was in his hands that bastards last words to her roommate was dont wory shelby is safe with me she is in good hands her roommate was very concerned for Shelby he had a bad vibe from that man and shelby was very trusting of people and made a point not to judge people she felt everyone deserved a chance to befriend

      • Voice of Reason

        All I see here is a lot of denial and finger pointing from all parties. Clearly the individuals we are talking about were not coherent, productive people making great choices in life. Unfortunately Ms. Black made very poor personal choices that cost her her life. Why would she go with someone that gave her a “bad vibe”. She must have felt comfortable enough to be sleeping under the same roof with him unless she was being held against her will? Why didn’t her friends stop her from going with this person? Poor girl died in a horrific manner however these things happen when you put yourself in dangerous situations. Sad but preventable. It is a KNOWN and DOCUMENTED drug / flop house. If you really need a place to stay find a shelter or how about REHAB and get yourself together? Now one person is dead and another is severely injured most likely living with the guilt that the other person didn’t make it. Hopefully this will be a big eye opener for him. He has been given a second chance and hopefully will not waste it by continuing to use drugs, harm himself and more importantly others. Again drug addicted and known drug house. Doesn’t take a genius to connect the dots. You know what is tragic? Young kids with cancer who aren’t given choices in life. Who struggle and battle to survive. Two junkies and the freedom to make choices…not so much.

        • Melinda Henry Oporto

          very well said Voice, I am not going to disagree with you. And yes we are praying that this will open his eyes. And yes the guilt he has to live with is going to be a life sentence.

        • Kellie white

          She was not the one with the bad vibe it was her roommate that got the bad vibe and some of her friends felt the same way when they met him she had a naive heart and faith in people in her eyes were never judged by there appearance

        • Kellie white

          How can you make any assumptions when you dont know her she was very productive and she was an amazing loyal loving kind and giving mother and friend Shelby had never before been to that home and that shit ass was playing her and I believe he offered her a side job to help pack or clean or gave her an impression he was needing her help Shelby avoided places that she thought would be a bad place that could land her back in jail and she was well on her way to being a carrier self supportive woman with a high paying modeling job I helped her get so all you idiots who think you know somthing you dont want to open your mouth and insert your foot dont make coments that make you look ignorant

  • mikef

    I knew shelby for a vary long time we grew up together and she was a big part of my life. And i know she would have gotten out she was not scared of anything. You know damn streak that he did it and he knows it to

    • Kellie white

      Thank you for saying that it is so true and we all know that Shelby would have gotten out if she wasn’t already hirt before hand I believe he either overdosed her and wanted to have his way with her like that is the new thing pig cowards like him do and when he figured he fucked up tryed to cover it up and burned her and that house to cover it up bottom line he left her and he gave his word he would keep her safe he is the reason she is gone

      • Melinda Henry Oporto

        stupid azzes.. thats all i go to say. lol i am going to laugh at your comments and go to bed..

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