Fox News reveals participants for GOP debate

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CLEVELAND – Fox News announced on Tuesday the candidates who will participate in the first Republican presidential debate.

The GOP debate will be held at 6 p.m. on Thursday at Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland. It will air live on the Fox News Channel with moderators Chris Wallace, Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier.

Donald Trump will be take the center podium as the front-runner while Ohio Gov. John Kasich made the cut in the 10th spot.

The top candidates, based on an average of the five most recent national polls, are as follows:

1. Donald Trump
2. Jeb Bush
3. Scott Walker
4. Mike Huckabee
5. Ben Carson
6. Ted Cruz
7. Marco Rubio
8. Rand Paul
9. Chris Christie
10. John Kasich

Those who are not eligible for the debate can participate in a forum at 2 p.m. Thursday, also airing on the Fox News Channel.


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  • South Bay Genius

    Why is this debate limited to only cable channels? Fox really blew it on that score. I’m angry, and tired of the “elites.” Obama has killed the economy so that many of cannot afford cable television. Have mercy. Let working poor get informed. Otherwise you will get a bunch of low information voters to elect another anti-American monster.

  • pj

    Oh, 6PM huh? Yeah, uh, 6PM Pacific, Mountain, Central, Eastern…????? Can you be a LITTLE more specific–or do we have to keep doing your thinking for you?

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