Chargers, Raiders spend almost $900K on stadium ballot measure

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CARSON, Calif. – The San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders invested almost $900,000 in a ballot initiative to fast-track their proposed stadium in Carson, according to campaign finance reports filed Monday.

The Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday, it’s about half the amount spent for a similar approval by the rival stadium project in Inglewood backed by St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke.

In April, the Carson City Council unanimously approved a measure that allowed the $1.7-billion plan to bypass lengthy and expensive environmental reviews.

The Chargers contributed $466,000 to the campaign — known as Carson2gether — and the Raiders kicked in $424,000.

Read the entire story at Los Angeles Times.


  • SoCalMediaSurfer (@SoCalMedSurfer)

    Well, That is THAT then, they have kicked in the money, now they are committed, they have also kicked in the teeth of all their fans in San Diego, I have never actually had any doubt that they would leave, so not emotionally caring and just saying go now and save us all the trouble, the stupid city council has already WASTED 1.2 M in trying to keep these turncoats.

    • DarrinAEvans

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  • LET THEM GO!!!!

    Let them GO! Are you listening city council? Let them GO! We can spend the money better! We need infrastructure, Water, a better convention center! We have prime land from the old NTC that needs to be developed! It is being wasted as a trashed training area!

  • LET THEM GO!!!!

    LET THEM GO! Are you listening to you constituents city council? Stop being hard headed and le them go!

  • David Long

    The writing is on the wall that the Chargers are moving and kicking us right square in the ass where it hurts the most. San Diego is a very nice place to call home, but we’re cursed when it comes to sports.

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