Death of beloved lion continues to captivate the world

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Cecil the lion and Walter Palmer, the American hunter who shot him


After Cecil the lion’s death, there was growing outcry Saturday over the thought of another lion’s death.

The Zimbabwe conservation task force announced online that Jericho, a lion believed to be Cecil’s brother, was also gunned down by a hunter. But now, an Oxford University researcher says the lion is still moving according to its tracking device. The researcher says GPS data from Jericho’s collar does not suggest he was killed.

Bobbi Brink, the founder and director of Lions, Tigers & Bears in Alpine explained why Cecil’s story keeps getting bigger.

“These animals are in preserves or they’re in a sanctuary to be protected. That’s not the place to go hunting,” said Brink.

Minnesota hunter Walter Palmer is accused along with two guides of enticing Cecil out of a national park in Zimbabwe before shooting him with an arrow. Cecil died two days later after the hunters tracked him down and shot him with a gun.

His head was cut off and used as a trophy for Palmer.

Part of the growing outcry now revolves around Cecil’s cubs. Brink says it’s unclear what will happen to them. She hopes Cecil’s death 10,000 miles away opens eyes here at home though.

“I don’t think people know we have this problem in our own country. We have more tigers in captivity than in the wild and they are bred in this country for nothing more than profit. We have a lot of canned hunts. So this will bring awareness,” said Brink.

And as for Palmer, Brink hopes he does go back to Africa to face justice.

“I do think he should go back and go to court and then that should be Zimbabwe’s choice to choose his punishment,” said Brink.


  • one4REALchange (@one4REALchange)

    We need to send a strong message that poaching and illegal hunts will not be tolerated, especially for protected species. Don’t let either government shove this under the carpet. Palmer can be extradited under a treaty w/ Zimbabwe, unless U.S. or Zimbabwe doublespeak because they prize big money over species extinction. 

Please Sign the Petition to send a stronger message to the White House to extradite Palmer, and re-post the link as you can.

  • bob pearl

    Lets just hope that if this lion killer does go back which i doubt he will as he is a coward. If he goes back as their court hopefully is not as corrupt as ours, they cut off his head and mount it in a main area where millions will pass by and be able to spit in his face

  • AlanMMartinez

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  • Who Cares!

    Kill a lion in a 3rd world nation and most of California is up in arms. Promote a cancerous nuclear waste dump at San Onofre and you get silence from the public and a blessing of millions from the PUC. Our priorities have become so skewed as a nation that we cannot recognize real danger and issues pointing us right in the face..

  • pmorr

    Question for all of you social media posters; 2 weeks ago how many of you knew who or what Cecil the lion was? It amazes me how so many people with so little knowledge can jump on a bandwagon for a cause that they know so little about! Just sayin’. I’m not for it or against it, but I, like most of the posters, didn’t know a thing about Cecil before he was killed by a hunter, who was put on the lion by “professional” guides.

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