Toddler drenched in sweat rescued from hot minivan; officer confronts mom

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HACKENSACK, N.J. – A two-year-old girl is alive thanks to a quick-thinking Costco manager who called police after finding the child locked inside a hot minivan in the parking lot.

The video shows a two-year-old girl sitting inside a parked minivan at a Costco parking lot while her mother finishes shopping. The scared little girl was "sweating profusely" and crying in the car seat, according to WPIX.

Officers smashed a vehicle window to open the minivan door. The video shows them picking up and hugging the girl.

The officers started running the minivan's license plate to find the parents when the mother, Chaeyoung Lim-Kim, with another child on a shopping cart, walked up with a cart full of groceries.

Officer: "Is this your kid?"
Mother: "Sorry."
Officer: "No 'sorry!' She could have died! I'll hold her. I'll hold her."

The mother was arrested and charged with child endangerment and released on her own recognizance. The two-year-old was treated at a local hospital is now in the custody of her father.


  • DW

    Her children should be taken away from her for good and the mom should be put in jail!! How could any mother keep her kids in the car while shopping! She took one with child with her – why not the little girl???? Unbelievable!!

    • DonKTowery

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    • Shan

      What are you talking about? Are you an idiot? No, never mind. I already know that answer. Yes, you ARE an idiot!

  • Charles

    Thank you Fox 5 for two things: 1) Spreading the awareness of NOT leaving children and pets in vehicles. 2) Allowing me to post without making the owners of Facebook or Twitter richer.

  • Jenny Z

    Parents should defiantly be held responsible… However how dare the female officer not let the mother hold her child who saw her mother and wanted her comfort. I want to make sure I reiterate that the mother definitely needs to be punished and this needs to be taken very seriously. I just feel the female officer who was holding the child I’m sure caused the child more emotional duress by not allowing her mother to comfort her.

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