Sister of Hannah Anderson’s abductor files $20M lawsuit against FBI

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SAN DIEGO — The sister of a Lakeside man, who was killed by FBI agents in backcountry of Idaho in 2013 during a search for abducted teenager Hannah Anderson, has filed a $20 million lawsuit.

Lora Dimaggio recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit claiming she wants closure, her attorney C Keith Greer told FOX 5.

FBI tactical agent shot her 40-year-old brother James Lee Dimaggio from about 100 yards away after he fired two rounds in the air from a rifle in the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area. The fatal shooting happened while the agents were moving in to arrest him on August 10, 2013.  Dimaggio was shot six times, once in the head, once in the heart and four times in the arms and upper torso.

The lawsuit claims the FBI hostage team stalked and executed him.

Greer has questions about Anderson's kidnapping and whether killing James Dimaggio was really necessary.  Anderson is the only witness left who knows whether the he deserved to die that way, Greer said.

“[Hannah] witnessed every aspect of it,” said Greer. “Hannah has said several times that she talked to Jim about getting the gun, firing three shots in the air for an SOS…He picks up the gun and this whole time the FBI is surrounding him. He picks up the gun, fires a shot in the air and then after that is gunned down."

The personnel had tracked DiMaggio and the El Capitan High School student to the remote locale about 40 miles from Cascade based on tips from a group of horseback riders who had spotted the suspect and abducted teen.

Hannah, who was 16-years-old at the time, had gone missing a week earlier. The day after she disappeared, a fire that authorities later determined had been started with time-delay incendiary devices burned down DiMaggio’s home in rural southeastern San Diego County.

Firefighters found the bodies of Hannah’s mother, 44-year-old Christina Anderson, and 8-year-old brother, Ethan, in the burned out log cabin-style house and a garage.

Hannah was unaware that her mother and brother had died until after her rescue, according to sheriff’s officials.

All evidence surrounding the death of DiMaggio indicated that the agents who shot him acted in self-defense and were legally justified in doing so, according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Idaho, the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Justice and the Valley County, Idaho, Prosecuting Attorney’s Office.

The officers believed DiMaggio was shooting toward them when they opened fire, according to a joint statement issued by the agencies.

According to friends of the Andersons, DiMaggio, a longtime close friend of theirs, seemed to have developed an infatuation with the teen prior to the kidnapping and murders.

Known as “Uncle Jim” to Hannah and her brother, DiMaggio frequently helped the children’s mother with the children after their father took a job out of state.

According to search-warrant records, Hannah exchanged 13 text messages with DiMaggio on the day of her abduction. Hannah said in a television interview that the communications were about where he could pick her up from cheerleading camp that day.

“You look at this evidence, you look at Hannah’s reactions after the funeral. You know they cause questions,” Greer said.

Greer says the over $20 million lawsuit isn’t about the money but closure.

Hannah and her father Brett are listed among the key witnesses who will be deposed in court.


  • Freddy

    If it’s not about the money then why not just $1? Money Grubbing relative and nothing more….dude killed her mom and brother….wanted a 16 year old for his sex slave. Pervert and pedophile.

    • Lora Citizen

      I’m more inclined to think that Hannah had something to do with the whole thing. I think she was leading the much older man on, and wanted her mother and brother disposed of, and in the end, she gave advice to Jim, that resulted in him being shot 6 times. I don’t think anyone should get a penny, especially considering what the search party cost the taxpayers.

      • Ron

        This story stank from the start!!! This girl was not some innocent Victim!! She liked the attention and was part of this whole thing. She ran away with this guy and then when it all went bad, pretended to be the victim!!! And they did not have to kill this guy, we could have got the fcking TRUTH!!!! Lying little Bitch!

        • k716

          Well, it’s a good thing you knew her so well and you were there to witness it all. You should come forward to testify at the trial.

  • Paul Williams

    If I’m being held hostage and the perp starts firing a gun, I don’t care if it’s in the air, into a barrel of water, at a squirrel or AT somebody…if the FBI can then shoot that dude and kill him and save me…give them a medal.

      • Marjorie Willich

        Were you there Ron? My guess is you were not. So your comment makes YOU the stupid one. You see little boy kidnapped or not the police BELIEVED she was and BELIEVED when he fired a gun into the air ( STUPID) that he was an immediate danger. I for one am glad they shot his worthless a**!

  • Paula Winchester

    These kind of lawsuits are why it should be loser pays all court costs for the winner. It would stop people from filing frivolous lawsuits. Freddy is right, not about the money? Then why not a dollar?

  • Sue

    C Curtis Greer is the same lawyer that is representing the Zahau family in their 10 Million dollar bogus Civil Suit against the Shacknai family, when it is the Zahaus’ sister that was watching their little boy when he had his fatal accident. She committed suicide, which was proven by four law enforcement agencies, yet, the Zahaus think they can make some $$$$$$$ off of this tragedy.
    #C Curtis Greer should be disbarred for having no ethics whatsoever,

  • AriES

    I don’t buy this girls story not one bit. She was in on it all the way and I hope police are able to find enough evidence to charge her. As a local resident I want to see justice for the mother and
    child who deserved to live.

  • Sue

    Hey, Maria Arcega-Dunn, why no mention that C Curis Greer is the same piece of crap lawyer that is sueing the victims of Rebeccca Zahau’s negligence and suicide for 10 Million dollars? In a case that was determined to be a suicide? The man is replusive.

  • nancy

    If he hadn’t committed a FELONY he wouldn’t be dead. Throw out the lawsuit. The family is just trying to make a quick buck. The FBI saved the taxpayers money for a trial and incarceration.

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