Man behind Mission Bay meth ring sentenced

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SAN DIEGO — A judge Wednesday handed down a six-year sentence for the owner of the Mission Bay Sports Center, who ran a sophisticated methamphetamine operation out of the aquatic center.

Jason Boone, 42, will serve half of his sentence in jail and the other three years under mandatory supervision in the community.

“It’s unnerving,” Superior Court Judge Timothy Walsh said of the defendant’s actions, noting that many children participated in programs in the area of the sports center.

“I think he (Boone) had a major (meth) operation going there for a period of time,” the judge said.

He also said weapons — including some heirlooms — were found in Boone’s home as officers executed a search warrant. Meth and marijuana were also found in the defendant’s car and residence.

Defense attorney David Baker said Boone got involved in methamphetamine sales through friends, and the situation escalated out of control.

“It’s something that he’s ashamed of,” Baker said, noting that Boone was known for helping veterans in the Wounded Warrior Project and waived rent for a tenant with cancer.

Baker said Boone got a job at the Mission Bay Sports Center at age 15 and eventually owned the business.

“He made huge mistakes,” Baker said of the defendant. “He let his life get out of control.”

Deputy District Attorney Jorge Del Portillo said Boone was the ringleader of the meth operation, using lockers at the sports center to facilitate drops and pickups.

When one woman tried to get out of the meth ring, Boone told her, “You’re not done with me until your debt is paid,” according to the prosecutor.

The defendant and six others were arrested two years ago as part of “Operation Boone’s Farm,” an undercover investigation during which officers purchased a half-pound of meth.

Boone pleaded guilty in April to three counts of possession of meth for sale and one count of sale of the drug.

Two other people pleaded guilty in an unrelated case, Del Portillo said.

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