Endangered zebras face eviction in Ramona

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RAMONA, Calif. -- After 15 years of animal conservation, Hearts and Hands Animal Rescue is on the verge of foreclosure.

The 5-acre, no-kill animal shelter has survived fires, floods, and a financial real estate collapse, but now its huge barn of exotic animals, including the endangered African mountain zebra, are weeks from eviction and possible euthanasia.

“We need real support in order to survive. These zebras need our help and no one will take them,” said Nancy Nunke, director of Hearts and Hands.

Hearts and Hands has raised $6,000, but needs to reach their financial goal of $83,000 in order to survive.

“These animals can’t just go anywhere. They need to stay here. There is no other choice, there is no Plan B,” Nunke said.

The animal rescue has set up a GoFundMe page for donations.


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  • AnimalsNeedProtection

    I have seen this ranch. The animals should be removed as they are in dire need of exercise, attention, and better living conditions. An arrangement should be brokered with the San Diego Zoo Safari Park to take the zebras, camel, and other exotic animals. The conditions are inadequate and dangerous to the animals and visitors.

  • Kristina L Nicholas Anderson

    If she needs a place for some of the animals…there are several people in the animal world with appropriate licenses, expertise, and availability to help relocate these animals. A call to action could likely resolve some of this instead of hysterics. I am concerned for the animals and their owner when I see articles such as these. Keep in mind this is not just a rescue as this is a professional who sells zebras and also markets her zebra trainings to other professional exotic owners. Things like this rarely happen overnight. If rehoming truly becomes necessary, I pray calls will be made to zoos, vets, and others who work with exotic animals before just euthanizing them if they are healthy, sane stock. Best wishes to all as I am sure this is not an easy situation for anyone to be in and I certainly would not want to fine myself in a similar situation.

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