Amber Alert canceled after missing Oceanside boys found

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OCEANSIDE - Two boys taken from an Oceanside home, allegedly by the father of one of them after a domestic violence incident with their mother, were found safe in Long Beach Tuesday.

The missing boys, 9-year-old Daijon West Jr. and 10-year-old Jamel Oliver, were taken from the 2300 block of Greenbrier Drive around 4:10 p.m. Monday, according to Oceanside police. Long Beach police located them at the Colonial Motel Long Beach at 802 E. Pacific Coast Highway around 4:45 a.m.

Daijon West, the father of the 9-year-old, allegedly injured his wife and made criminal threats against her before fleeing with the boys in a gray 2010 Honda Accord. Police said he was arrested at the motel where the children were found.

Jamel is the woman's son from a previous relationship, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported. Neither boy was injured, police said.


  • Nacho Montoya

    You woke me up at 12:30 in the morning for THIS? We’ve officially turned our “amber alert” notifications OFF.

    The last dozen of these alerts have been illegals or gang members feuding and calling 911 about their dirty kids.

    Forget it…

    • JohnESalisbury

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  • Sally R.

    Exactly! We heard it last night and I thought it was important. I asked my husband what was going on and he told me it was an Amber Alert. I was worried.

    Then I saw this mess on today’s news.

    What a phenomenal waste of time. Just ridiculous.

    We’re turning our alerts off, too.

    • Andrea

      You are so ridiculous. You’re pretty much saying that you wanted it to be worse than it actually was. Thank god it was only this, the world already has enough tragedy as it is. And even if it was just the father taking them, people should still be notified so they can still be on the look out if they’re in the area. Even if the Amber Alert isn’t some creep abducting a helpless child (which is what you expect apparently), they should still notify people in any case that could potentially harm the welfare of a child. Why would you want an Amber Alert to be more than what this turned out to be ? But whatever, turn your alerts off, would hate for you to be bothered for the second the alarm goes off. You can be the useless bystander.

      • Kristie

        Well said and shame on all of you on here for saying this over kids. I know both these boys cause they go to the school that I work at. They are good kids. They are in a great school that is filled with positivity and that has zero gang related anything or any violence. The mother is not a drug addict, the kids are not criminals and this is a tragic situation. I’m sorry you need it to be worse in order for you to not be annoyed with the alert but for those of us that know these boys or even those that just are good hearted citizens we are very glad there are people out there that care and listen to to these alerts and keep their eyes open for them. We had many problems with their father at our school and am glad he’s locked up. When you don’t know someone’s story try not to judge their situation.

        • Jenny

          I’m so appalled reading the hateful comments. These are good boys and they’re KIDS! They didn’t deserve to be any part of this and they needed our help to make sure they were found safely. Those who responded negatively have definitely shown their pure ignorance. Unbelievable!

    • Alex

      What is with you people? Without notifying the public how do you think they wouldve found the kids?

  • wayne

    I read that one of the kids is not even his I have to ask the question, what was the nature of the altercation. How much info is being buried to generate positive feeling toward the Vic’. Did he come to visit and find her smoking rock, or in the room with her new boyfriend that abuses kids? If this was about possession wouldn’t he just take his kid?

    • Laura L.

      I’m guessing it was some kind of 3rd world drama and we were woken up for it.

      These alerts have officially jumped the shark. It’s like the little gang member who cried wolf.

    • C.martinez

      I’m so with u on this. There is 2 sides to this. And I’m thinking the amber alert was placed since one of the boys is not his. He didn’t kill her so I don’t feel they should have. Done that. Not saying anything bad. It’s important because the other boys is not his but he probably raised that boy

  • C.martinez

    I can get the importance of finding these Boys but if this man is not armed and dangerous why put these kids thru this. It’s not ok to beat on a woman but there is always 2 sides to the story. But In A Way I Get The Point The Other Kid Is Not his but I’m sure he was taking him for a reason let’s hope it was because is mom is unfit. Other than that it’s messed up to put these kids thru this

  • Jack Smooth

    Woke my butt up. I’m sick of these custody fight Amber Alerts. Leave me the F alone with custody battles

    • Ron

      The sound of your moms head hitting her headboard woke you up as well. Your mom and I will try to keep it down tonight.

  • Jack Smooth

    Woke my butt up in the middle of the night for this. Leave me the F alone with your custody battle Amber Alerts!!!!!

  • Jack Smooth

    Woke my butt up in the middle of the night for this! Leave me the F alone with your CUSTODY BATTLE Alerts!!!!

  • RR

    I think this could have gone very bad.what if he had harmed the kids and if they didn’t issue an amber alert and god forbid something had happened everyone would be complaining about it. So no, it’s not a waste of time.

  • lisa

    You ignorant idiots must be retarded if you haven’t disabled your amber alerts. This is not the first time they have gone off! Haven’t you heard keep your dirty mouths shut if you don’t have nothing good to say. And by the way nacho your name sounds like an illegal!

  • Mark Tiddens

    It is totally stupid to receive an amber alert while you are sleeping. There needs to be an option to not receive them during times you specify. We were woken up at 3 am in the morning, and couldn’t sleep afterwards. It would be extremely rare that someone that is sleeping could help an amber alert situation. We are turning ours off untill there is a time option.

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