Mother of shooting suspect says son’s life was threatened

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OCEANSIDE, Calif. -- Myoshia Edwards told us her son Calvin Glass' side of the story after police say he shot two people in Oceanside, killing one of them.

"I believe my son's life was threatened," said Edwards.

Friends told us Sunday the man who died at the Shadow Ridge apartments was Glass' roommate, and they said the roommate's brother was also shot there and taken to the hospital.

"He was sitting over there with blood all over his chest and I'm seeing the trail of blood from outside the apartment to his body," said Veronica Thomas.

Police say Glass tried to flee, but was caught at the Escondido Transit Center. Glass is now in Vista Jail for facing murder and attempted murder charges.

Edwards said the roommates were both in the same extended foster care program through Casa De Amparo and they never got along.

"After that third altercation came out I called the Oceanside Police Department and warned them what was going on and that the roommates friend had an AK-47 and pulled it out on my son," said Edwards.

The mother says her son got into the foster care system because he kept running away from home. She says the program pays a substantial amount of her son's rent and its leaders decide who his roommate would be. She says she tried warning officials the men needed to be split.

"He told me on several occasions and I called the foster care person and his Casa [de Amparo] on several different occasions to tell them what was going on with my son, and they just didn't care," said Edwards.

Others in the program said they tried sounding the alarm too.

"I told her [Casa de Amparo employee] something's wrong with him, he's not all the way there," said Thomas.

Edwards believes if the foster care program would have stepped in sooner, her son wouldn't be in jail and another man may still be alive.

"No one took any type of actions," said Edwards.

FOX 5 reached out to Casa de Amparo for a statement but did not hear back.


  • estefani

    I’m part of this program and casa is not the program to blame. It’s the thp+fc people and our case workers who never listen to us or do anything about what we tell them.

  • Willy

    This is so sad just to think if the ppl were doing Wtf they are.paid for (your JOB ) these young men life’s wouldn’t be gone . Lazy Lazy workers I hope the families sue the balls out of them walls , need 2 shut down not serving the purpose of the job just claiming that there working getting paid for it while young kids are losing their lives

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