Carlsbad police issue report cards to drivers at beaches, parks

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CARLSBAD, Calif. – Carlsbad police admit they have been issuing notices to vehicles parked at parks, beaches and other recreation areas this summer.

There's a seasonal spike in vehicle break-ins during the summer months which has lead Carlsbad Police Department to launch Operation Report Card.  Carlsbad officers place notices on vehicles informing owners whether their vehicles could be targets for criminals.

“They get a report card, it’s a friendly reminder by us you either get congratulations you left no opportunities for crime or please help us by removing the opportunity for crime," said Carlsbad Police Department spokeswoman Jodee Sasway. “When you’re going out for a fun day, you’re really not wanting to think about crime."

FOX 5 learned of the program after Encinitas surf instructor Zach Davis said he caught someone breaking into his girlfriend’s truck.

“I jumped into action. Threw stuff on the hood and opened the door and pulled him out," said Davis.

Nothing was stolen, but it’s the second time Davis and his girlfriend have been victims of car burglary.

“Two weeks prior we had stuff stolen,” said Davis. “High quality camera equipment was taken out of a camera bag and so we stopped leaving our valuables in here."

Police suggest these tips:

  • Park where the vehicle can be seen, close to where you are and well lit.
  • Remove all valuables from the vehicle
  • Lock vehicles and avoid hiding a spare key
  • Rreport suspicious activity

“This is just something to help drivers so that they don’t become victims and they can enjoy their stay at our recreation areas,” Said Sasway.


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