Pizza delivery man chases off armed robbers with stick

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SAN DIEGO — A pizza delivery driver refused to hand over money or the pie to two would-be robbers who pulled a pellet gun on him early Friday in the Emerald Hills neighborhood then chased them off with a stick.

The victim drove up to an address at Bollenbacher and McHugh streets shortly after midnight and saw the two suspects outside. They claimed the pizza was for them, according to San Diego police Officer Robert Heims.

As the driver got out of his car, one of the suspects pulled out a airsoft gun and demanded cash and the pizza, Heims said. However, the driver noticed the gun was a replica and refused to give up either.

The driver the picked up a stick and chased the suspects until they split up near 56th Street, Heims said. He then called police.

Both suspects were described as black, thin and in their late teens. The one with the airsoft gun had curly hair and was wearing a blue and white sweater and a dark shirt. His companion was wearing a blue shirt and jeans.


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