Colleen Smith from TLC’s “My Giant Life”

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  • Frank Morgan

    I want to assure miss Smith that I am not trying to come on to her. Not because she isn’t an extraordinarily fabulous person but rather because I am much too old (61 years old). What I wish to express to the beautiful person miss Smith is. I see her grandeur from the shoulders up. She is tall in her head and also has a beautiful mind. When people do sit around a table, do notice that the eyes are always at the same level no matter how tall a person is. Personnally, I am a man attracted firstly by the eyes a woman has and miss Smith has beautiful saphire liquid eyes. Secondly, i’m a leg man and miss Smith does has marvelous legs. Her smile, as everything else of miss Smith not only makes of her an appreciable person but also a person who inspires confidence. I’m a Canadian living not far from Montréal and i’m certain that i’ll never come across meeting such a wonderful person i’m certain miss Smith is. My only hope if not my wish is that the following message be forwarded to miss Smith. Thank you. Frank Morgan.

  • Victor Conti

    I hope for the best for, Colleen Coco, that she finds a great guy like me if, I can’t be that guy and unfortunately for me, I can’t be due to distance. I’m from, N. Y. but even though, I’m from a faraway place, I’m still her fan and, I like her. Victor.

  • Gerard

    Colleen , you say your from New Mexico, what part. ??? I’m from Carlsbad , New Mexico. It’s just so wonderful to see someone from New Mexico.

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