Woman tells FOX 5 how she was beaten unconscious during home invasion

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SAN DIEGO -- A Mountain View woman was beaten by a masked man during one of two home invasions that remained under investigation Tuesday.

The woman was assaulted during the most recent incident, which San Diego police said was reported shortly before 6:30 p.m. Monday. The suspect entered her home on Ocean View Boulevard near 35th Street, battered her and left, San Diego police Lt. Dan Smyth said.

The 39-year-old woman told FOX 5, "I was stressed out. Who is he? That's what I was thinking," she said.

She said her husband was at work when she heard her chihuahua barking.

"I went in the back and he was barking. And I said, 'Chi Chi, I don't want to play right now," she said.

She didn't understand her dog's warning until it was too late.

Her door was open and a masked man walked right into a living room. She said the mask provided a good disguise.

"Tall, skinny. Everything was covered in black...gloves and everything," she said.

The man told her he would take her life, then hit her in the back.

"So he told me, I'm going to kill you," she said.

The next thing she remembers is waking up next to Chi Chi.

"When I woke up, he was kissing me. I went outside and started asking for help," she said.

She believes her attacker came in and left from the back alley. Nothing was taken, but she fears the man will come back.

The suspect was described as 6 feet tall and about 140 pounds, wearing black clothing and a Halloween mask.

Another home invasion the same day was reported in the 4100 block of Pepper Drive in the Azalea/Hollywood Park neighborhood shortly before 1 p.m., police said.

The victim told police he heard his doorbell ring and was confronted as he answered by the suspect, who was armed with a handgun, San Diego police Officer Dan Lasher said. The suspect forced his way inside and began rifling through the victim's property.

The resident ran from the home and called for help, but the suspect fled before officers arrived, Lasher said. It was not immediately clear what was taken.

That resident described the suspect as black and about 6 feet 6 wearing a gray mask.

Police said Tuesday the two home invasions were not related.


  • Our seniors need protection!

    When I grew up we had a gun sitting by the door. No lock on the door, keys left in the car, and slept good every night. I know guns are not for everyone, in fact, I don’t want to see everyone with a gun. What I would like to see is our elders protected or have protection when the police are not around.

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