Motorcyclist turns tables on alleged road rage attacker

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(WARNING: The video shows graphic images about 50 seconds into it.)

YUMA, Ariz. — Video mounted on a motorcyclist’s helmet captured the moments of driver got out of his car and confronted him and his passenger.

The fight happened recently in Yuma, Ariz. after some kind of incident involving a motorcyclist and another driver, FOX 11 reported.

The driver walks up to the stopped motorcyclist and pushes a woman sitting on the back and continues to yell.  The motorcyclist is heard telling the man to back away.  When the man doesn’t back off, the motorcyclist quickly takes him down.

The exact circumstances leading up to the incident remain uncertain. The case is under investigation.

Police said the man in the vehicle may have been under the influence and are awaiting toxicology results.



  • Ang Donworry

    But what did he do cut off the driver then flip him off or what? Because road rage is my pet peeve. These assholes try to do shit. With my kids in the car even then instead of an, “I’m sorry” or minding their own they flip off or insult the driver. Could’ve been a case off a mother fucker needing a lesson taught. No joke. And even after these creeps cut ppl off you end up at the same light together. Like the “was it worth it asshole?” Stop making him a victim, hero or whatever the hell you call it!

    • Joshua

      He split lanes. He didn’t flip anyone off. I think splitting lanes is illegal in arizona, but that still isn’t a good idea to assault someone. The guy just came in and punched him in the face and started shoving him and his girlfriend. He was right to bring him to the ground and restrain him. Violence is never a solution to road rage.

  • Ignacio Salazar

    I had the same thing happen last summer.

    Some douchebag came up on my bike way too close. After following me and honking at me for over a mile I pulled over.

    I head-butted him with my helmet on and left him on the side of the road. He still wasn’t moving when I got back on my bike and rode away. His wife was yelling at HIM, not me.

    Idiots who participate in road rage had better be prepared for the consequences of their actions…

    • WhatTheFrench

      You again eh? Man you must be pretty lonely to always be dragging your ignorant political beliefs into every post you comment on.

    • joe

      What are you talking about? See the rage filled eyes, the lack of intelligence, the inability to back up a threat, the weak willed mind, not giving up when you clearly lost? That’s the hallmark of democrats.

  • TrueCitizen

    his face is like that scene from Total Recall where Arnold’s eyes are about to poke out his head!

  • Scott V.

    Man did the motorcyclist have some incredible self control. I wonder what most people would have done if this idiot driver pushed and punched their girlfriend…..

  • Mom

    Happy they are ok. The helmet camera was a great tool to have to show the police everything. The biker handled it very well.

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