Encinitas shop owner pairs up with city to provide summer surf camps

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ENCINITAS, Calif. --  In 2008, Brent Stephens decided to expand his passion for surfing into the Encinitas community by pairing up with the city to run surf programs throughout the summer.

"From the time I first started I just wanted it to be a legit program," said Stephens. "Now I feel blessed I was able to partner with the city and I have been with them for so long. I wanted to bring more kids into the program."

The community clearly loves the program. Just last summer over 500 kids participated in the surf camp. Children ages 5 to 8 can attend the Little Groms Surf Camp while those 9 and older can receive a more excelled experience.

Along with the camps, Stephens owns and runs Concept, a specialty surf Shop in  Encinitas. Through the shop, the 40-year-old continues to give back by sponsoring local surfers and helping them find other sponsors and funding needed in order to compete.

"I see the benefits of being really tied into the community," said Stephens. "I have a lot of friends that live here and everyone does something to kind of give back."
For more information on Concept surf shop or the surf camps visit:  http://conceptsurfshop.com/