Poway tops list of water-saving cities

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POWAY, Calif. – Water use is down across the county, according to the San Diego Water Authority, and Poway is one city that has decreased consumption the most.

The water authority bases figures on corresponding months in 2013.  Last month, water use was down 26 percent compared with June of 2013. In May, San Diegans used 30 percent less water than in the same month in 2013.

Poway was down 45 percent in May and 36 percent in June compared to the same months in 2013.

Before they knew how well they were doing, the city scheduled a special City Council session, held Thursday night, to discuss with interested residents ways to cut back even more.

Poway homeowner, Tom Scott wants to see the pool covers become mandatory to limit evaporation.

"If you're looking at my pool, and I add a quarter inch of water, that's about 70 gallons,” Scott said.

Others pointed to disillusionment with water district leaders who they say are too influenced by political issues and not doing a good job of storing water and continually planning for the future.

Despite its impressive efforts, Poway was called out by the first speaker of the night, Marcia Clingman, about the city dumping more than half a million gallons of water back into the ground. But the mayor said the conservation efforts actually were partly to blame.

“In this case because the water was going out more slowly [from the reservoir] than anticipated and the hot weather we had at that time, the chemicals got out of whack."

That water was no longer safe for drinking so the mayor felt there was no choice but to dump it.


  • Jen

    Please talk to the Ramona Municipal Water District who are trying to raise our water raises because we have been conserving water and now their revenue is down. It’s a crime

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