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Young woman shot to death on Chula Vista street

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHULA VISTA, Calif. -- A woman was killed Friday morning after being shot several times in Chula Vista, police said.

The woman in her mid-20s was walking down the 300 block of Quintard Street with a man when she was shot just after midnight. The man was not hurt and police were questioning him.

Witnesses called police saying they heard between three and four gunshots. The identity of the victim has not yet been released and no description of the shooter was available other than that he was a man.

The 300 block of Quintard Street between 3rd Avenue and Palomar Street remained closed throughout Friday morning during the investigation.

Anyone with information was asked to call police.


  • Ron

    More like Chulajuanna!! Mexico has taken over !!! Let me guess, the victim was Mexican? Maybe gang banger? Maybe illegal?? Donald Trump will fix this Country!!!!!

    • gabbie

      You are damn ignorant! This was in no way shape or form gang related, they did not know the guy that killed her, so make yourself a favor and shut the fck up u sound likean idiot talking out of your ass! She comes from a great family!

      • Ron

        He managed to become a Billionaire….how about you working Mcdonalds in section 8 loser….he will be a much Better President than Barry…sucks to be you

    • Mari

      Too bad RON is an ignorant man because I’m related to the victim and people like you are the ones who should be taken out of this country. No matter what races live here in the U.S. We must respect them all. Lastly, she wasn’t a gang banger so please go back to your ignorant space and stay there because people like you are the reason cyber bullying exists and why people kill themselves over ignorant disrespectful people like you.

  • El Vapo

    Eeeeeasy folks, RONaldo is just our local fuctard who loves to stir the pot. A real section 8. Just keep your hands away from his mouth and, by all means, don’t mess with his tin foil hat!

  • Sophia

    folks, leave Ron alone, he is a miserable person with no compassion for HUMAN life, it is wasted energy, we have better things in life to even entertain such trash, he is just an unhappy person, he is the group of people who still believes in his race is superior…

  • Ray

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    And no your 2 inch weiner doesn’t count. Your a joke! Everybody let’s thank people like Ron, other wise where would we get our laughs from idiots like him. Go back to the bathroom and play with your your 2 inch wee wee Ron. Your a joke.

  • f*ck Ron II

    Fox news fuck you for allowing Ron the racist to pollute your city! Fuck Raul, Shally,and Chrissy too you racist fucking Americans …..racist news station and people are becoming aware … good for you …for aligning yourself with Ron

  • f*ck Ron II

    i hope Fox 5 San Diego is proud of their commentor” Ron” for his racist comments …. fucking white POS both FOX and Ron

  • f*ck Ron II

    Fox 5 San Diego …. look at Ron’s postings ….you are representing this racist homophobic nazi …. its on you Raul, shally and Chrissy and all…..

  • f*ck Ron II

    the Fox 5 San Diego team loves racist homophobic white trash POS and allows postings here ….

  • SDchic4God

    Wow….this is hilarious! Screw ron & screw ron. Don’t hate on Trump. He is right in a way. I know Mexicans (frm Mexico) that collect our assistance while they have a house with a freakin ranch in mexico. That in itself is wrong, let alone murder & drugs. Do u even know muslim terrorist are sneaking over frm Mexico?! We NEED secured borders. BTW im mexican & i say TRUMP FOR PRESIDENT homie!!! ; )

    • O

      I agree, the screw Ron responses are excessive; however, Ron only comments when crimes involve Mexicans or Blacks. Ron had nothing to comment about Jeremy Green (White male) murdering his wife and fleeing to Mexico. I applaud Fox 5 for allowing us to comment at will without exposing our identities. Some people take advantage of that in this open forum and try to push their agenda – racist agenda by Ron in this case. There shouldn’t be any place for that regardless of race, and Fox 5 should moderate that type of thing. Now with Trump, he may have good ideas which are overshadowed by his racist ways. The majority of illegal immigrants are obviously from Mexico (due to its close proximity), but there are illegals in the U.S. from other countries as well and that needs equal attention. Trump has isolated Mexicans in his agenda – that’s not cool. People of different backgrounds commit crimes, including White people. Putting Mexicans (or any race) under the microscope is wrong and nothing good can come of it.

      Now to the girl from this article who got murdered, RIP. Guns need to have GPS on them for accountability purposes and to help catch criminals.

        • Ron

          Guns with a GPS? LMAO!! You’re funny. Criminals should have a GPS on them!!!! TRUMP 2016!!!!!!!!!!!

        • O

          If we ran a poll on your posts and the type of person you come across as, stats would lean towards you being racist. I have a pretty good feeling that I am much more educated than you.

  • Wisdom619

    Ron represents the majority of white people in this country and how they think about Mexicans. Mexicans people gotta wake up and realize that racist white people like Ron are our enemy. We gotta stop killing each other and turn the guns on our real enemy not us. I’m tried of the ignorants and hate from us killing each other when we should direct our frustration towards the real enemy. Racist white people wanna talk shit about untruths when this whole North America belonged to Mexico first, remember that. This was our land and still is because we out number them, we just need to take control of it now and stop killing each other. RIP to Pamela who was a beautiful Mexican women

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