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Gas prices expected to skyrocket

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SAN DIEGO — The average price of a gallon of self-serve regular gasoline in San Diego County recorded its largest daily increase since May 1 Friday, rising 8.4 cents to $3.583.

The sharp increase is the result of an extraordinary convergence of fuel supply problems, according to Patrick DeHaan, senior petroleum analyst for, which bills itself as the leading provider of retail fuel pricing information and data.

“The federal government’s report Wednesday identified California supply problems that are compounded by a dearth of imports where they’re most needed,” said Patrick DeHaan, GasBuddy’s senior petroleum analyst.

“We’re anticipating increases that could surpass 50 cents a gallon by next week.”

The average price in San Diego County had dropped 48 of the previous 51 days, according to figures from the AAA and Oil Price Information Service. It is 8 cents more than one week ago but 9.2 cents less than a month ago and 55 cents lower than one year ago.


  • Earl Richards

    Global oil markets are over supplied and there is an oil glut in the Cushing spot market and in the Permian Basin, so the gasoline price should drop. Google and read the “$2.5 Trillion Oil Scam – slideshare”. California is a victim of this scam.

    • Paul

      Seems to me like this is (yet more) implicit evidence of collusion. A simple thought experiment shows:
      1) In an oil market free of collusion, an oil company would see that if they avoid the round-trip transaction, they could sell their oil more cheaply than competitors.
      2) Other companies would follow suit and a price war would ensue with all companies making less profit.
      3) However, if there exists a prearranged agreement such that each companies buys oil via the round-trip mechanism, then each company makes profit relative to each barrel of oil involved in the transaction.
      4) All colluders profit without a price war. Additionally, their profit scales with the amount of oil round-tripped – thus, large oil companies show “large” revenue with commensurate profit.

      At some point, we have to stop and say the totality of collusive evidence represents “guilt” beyond a reasonable doubt.

  • Ron

    What a bunch of BS!!!! There is no fcking reason gas should be this high….;.period!!! Oil is still a record lows!! I’m tired of being fcked!!

  • Steve

    This is such bullshit. Why does gas take so long to come back down when things are running smoothly and then shoots up overnight when a bird takes a crap on a refinery roof? Such garbage.

      • Phil Thomlinsen


        We’re talking about getting ripped off, not your progressive commie platform.

        Since it’s a petroleum product, you should be screaming–literally–because anal lube is doubling in price.

  • Don

    I find it odd that your station reported on Tuesday or Wednesday morning that the avg. price had dropped to $3.51 per Gal. and it had dropped $.22 in the last month. The Avg price of crude has dropped $9.00 per barrel in just the last week while the wholesale gas price has remained nearly steady, yet California averages $.75 above the national average. You talk about $.08 at the pump you better look again. I’ve seen some stations here in east county that have increased $.50 this week already! The oil companies always have some lame excuse for the increases we pay here but the bottom line is corporate greed and you’ll never convince me of anything else. There i did it without swearing.

  • Robert Brock

    It’s amazing how when gas dropped below $3 a gallon there was a non injury accident that shut down the refinery, then blame on the steel workers for delay in fixing it. When are we going to quit being held hostage by career politicians hand in hand with corporate greed?

  • Brian

    Everyone needs to stop getting pissy with the oil companies and look at the real boogyman – our wonderful state government, specifically SB 32 passed in 2006. Google it – the truth will set you free.

  • Earl Richards

    To avoid the Big Oil/ Texas price rip-off, plug your Tesla S electric car into your household solar array.

  • Brian

    This is ridiculous. Gov. Brown and the legislature need to offer financial incentives to buildout 2 more refineries – one in Northern Cal and one in the south. In addition, give a major pipeline company or two and incentivized deal to bring crude from contiguous states to supply feed stock. Then all parties benefit and wholesale price of gasoline truly becomes market driven! This isn’t rocket science.

    • Freddy

      Great idea Brian….but it will never happen with the CARB, EPA and environ-mental-midgets! All these idiots want higher gas prices. What they never understand is it hurts the low wage earners more than those of us who have money.

  • fed up

    The crooks just want to reset the base amount paid. Before $147 per barrel meant $4.50 at pump, then $100 meant $4.00 at pump and now 50-60 means $4.00. Of course our fucked up state legislators don’t give a crap. Too worried about a 100 billion dollar union payout for a crazy train or flushing billions of gallons of water to save 6 fish. Remember we are all ants to feed the queen. Your life is of no concern to the queen. Just pay up or get out.

  • Stu

    The government wants to regulate everything. Energy, communications, internet, and anything else that will make them money. So why aren’t they regulating gas prices to prevent the raping of the American Public?

  • Joe St. Lucas

    While it might have jumped 8 cents thursday to friday, my local mobil station jumped 90!!! cents friday afternoon to saturday morning!!! More cost for gas, less gas bought, less tax to the state. Brown is already complaining that the gas taxes aren’t bringing enough money in to pave the holes in the roads and is proposing raising the state tax more AND charging electric and hybrid car owners $100/yr to pay for the roads.

  • Gary M. Lake Elsinore

    Gasoline prices have increased 50 Cents per gallon of regular from 7-08-15 to 7-10-15 just in Lake Elsinore, CA. This is absolute B/S. The large oil companies are “hosing” the public because it can, and the politicians won’t do a thing about it since most of them get large campaign donations from these greedy oil companies.

  • ttolentino1

    Welcome to the party, day late dollar short. The prices started to rise over a week ago! The station where I normally go to went up over 60¢ in last 2 weeks! From $3.25 to $3.89!! It’s completely ridiculous that this is happening.

  • Phil Thomlinsen

    B4 everyone gets their collective panties in a wad, the crooks you are bemoaning ar the liberals who run this state…not the Texas oil guys or big, bad saudis.

    You voted — and continue to vote– for higher taxes and tax hungry politicians. Now deal with it!

    • Phil Tomplinson

      In CA,new get what we deserve.

      Vote for idiot liberals and suffer the costs of their idiotic policies. Suck it!

  • Stu

    Saw a Santee Chevron station at $4.33/gal today and still going up. What took over 6 months to go down, went up over the start point in 2 days. Bend over people, the oil companies are not done manipulating the price of gas and no one in our precious government cares because their gas is paid for them by the government.

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