Bill Murray surprises Comic-Con with ‘Rock the Kasbah’ trailer

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Writer-producer Mitch Glazer (L) and actor Bill Murray speak onstage at the Open Road panel during Comic-Con International 2015 at the San Diego Convention Center on July 9, 2015 in San Diego. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

SAN DIEGO – The actor entered Hall H, the main attraction of the convention, as his “Kasbah” character Richie Lanz, clad in a bandana, round sunglasses and a loose collared shirt.

“Well I’m rock and roll, that’s what I am,” Murray says to a room full of screaming fans, proving he’s just as much of a rock star as his character.

Murray then fielded questions from the audience about the new film. He reveals that his “Kasbah” co-star Bruce Willis started as a page on “Saturday Night Live.” According to Willis, Murray and “SNL” alum Gilda Radner were the only people who were nice to him during his time there.

Murray even manages the get the entire crowd to join him for a sing-a-long.

However, he gives “Ghostbusters” fans a special treat when asked what has been his favorite film role to play.

“Once upon a time I did save the city of New York,” he says, “And I had the coolest d*** car to drive around in.”

Between jokes and hilarious quips, Murray also makes time to dispense some wisdom about acting and maintaining a career in Hollywood: “Worry about making the other actors look good, and then you don’t worry about yourself and everyone relaxes.”

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