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United Airlines flying again after computer glitch grounds flights nationwide

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SAN DIEGO – United Airlines grounded all flights nationwide Wednesday morning for more than an hour because of a technical glitch in the airlines’ computer system, causing nationwide delays.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued a ground stop for United Flights all across the United States at 5:26 a.m., according to the Los Angeles Times. More than 3,500 flights were reportedly affected across the country and lines were severely backed up at airports across the country, including at San Diego International Airport.

All regional partners of United Airlines resumed regular operations after the FAA lifted the ground stop order at 6:47 a.m., according to the Times.

The problems were the latest malfunction for United since it switched to the computer systems used by merger partner Continental Airlines, according to the Times.

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  • colinchang5307

    Why are these plane issues and crash stories interesting and newsworthy? Because they are so rare. 88 people died in car accidents in the USA yesterday. 88 or so will tomorrow and every day this year. Barely a peep about it.

    Plane travel is incredibly incredibly safe. It is so safe that when 162 people are missing probably dead it is headline news. 3000 dead this month on our roadways is not a headline you often see.

    In some ways it is a matter of control. When you drive a car you think you have control, unfortunately, most are delusional. You can drive a safe car (like a Volvo) and have good insurance (I use $30/month from Insurance Panda), but even still… half of all car deaths are the other guys fault – you have zero control. All it takes is 1 texting teenager, 1 drunk, 1 stroke victim or 1 sleepy truck driver and you are dead. Happens 40-50 times every single day in the USA alone.

    In a way this coverage maintains the irrational out sized fear people have of certain things. Same with terrorism which is less likely to harm you than a lightning strike. At some point the media might want to stop preying on irrational fear and educate people on the true dangers in life. Don’t hold your breath.

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