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New app promising shorter wait times to be tested at Comic-Con

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SAN DIEGO -- Every year, Comic-Con attracts hundreds of thousands of people but what if you didn’t have to stand in the long lines to get in?

A new app makes it possible for users to hire someone to stand in line for them.

“We are like the Uber of lines,” said J’net Nguyen, co-creator of Line Angel.

Just like users request a driver on Uber, Line Angel allows users to request someone via a GPS tracker to go to a location and wait in line for them until they arrive.

“Let's say I’m going to a concert and it's general admission and I, for example, am working and I can't go wait in line early to get a good spot,” Nguyen said.

But how much is a good spot really worth?

The cost according to Nguyen, the cost is $15 for the first 30 minutes and $5 for every additional 15 minutes.

The company keeps 20 percent of the profit and the rest goes to the person waiting in line.

This week, Nguyen and her partner will field test the app during one of the most line-intensive events: Comic-Con.

Line Angel is set to launch in Los Angeles in two months with cities like San Diego to follow.


  • Marco Melloni

    Scalpers of the Convention Industry. It’ ruins concerts, and now it’s going to ruin conventions. People spend all night to get into some of those panels and now some **** can just pay to cut in front of all of them. Hopefully the con will continue to take measures against those who hold spaces in line. Last year they used wristbands. So if you weren’t actually there you couldn’t swap in place.

    • J'Net Nguyen

      A lot of our clients cannot physically wait due to health conditions or they are too busy (job, kids, etc.) to wait all night. We are merely trying to help them save time. They deserve to enjoy Comic-Con, too. Otherwise, they would skip out on it entirely. We are also trying to create jobs that pay way above minimum wage. LineAngel has pure intentions & we really do want to help the consumer experience! We have no intention of ruining anything. For specific details about the company/founders:

      • James West

        You have all the right narratives down pat to try and deflect the reality noted by another here, regardless what you claim, it will just make it where the monied can access more events while the decreasing middle class and increasing lower-income are being pushed more and more out of access to societies activities/events. Of which the majority of such venues/activities are held in structures paid for through their tax dollars and often the debt of these structures exist long after the structures are no longer viable, so taxpayers get stuck with paying for local venues they never or rarely see the inside of and are obsolete before they are paid off and you are contributing to this cancer upon the majority.

        Your claims are not new, we have seen this with Concerts and Pro-sports, we were told the same yada yada by others saying the same/similar things such as yourself who claimed their services were to make it better for consumers and open the events up as well create more jobs. We all know where that went, less access because of soaring prices to such events/activities and some seasonal part-time poverty pay jobs. So give us a break and be honest at least, you are doing this to make money and only to make money, the rest is side-effects of which if you can dwindle down jobs, or eliminate your said poverty pay jobs, you will, since jobs cut into your profits. The rest is just smoke and mirrors or PR (aka: Propaganda) to deflect the reality of your endeavor, which may be your right for now, but your endeavor is why we need to return to laws and rules that we once had that protected the citizenry from these types of predatory capitalism cheats, if it is paying to cut in line or ticket scalping etc., because at the rate we are going we will soon have services where people are paid to do other peoples prison time and worse.

        You are not the cause, just one of the symptoms of how sick our country has become slowly as the social contract we once had where money could not buy you everything or special rights has been eroded away! As well the perversion of facts, truths and realites operations like yours and most business models we see now is a festering sore that is causing the few to enrich while the majority see’s less and less while paying more and more.

        PS: The story is another sad fact in this country where product placement is made to look like a news story on a news channel. We have no real journalism or integrity in the media, news use to be a public service and part of that fading social agreement we once had, now news is only to generate income and has nothing to do with keeping an informed population as it was once required to be.

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