Driver suffers seizure before deadly El Cajon crash

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EL CAJON, Calif. — A woman suffered from a medical emergency while driving, careened down the Interstate 8 offramp and caused a pileup on an East County freeway offramp that left a man dead, an officer said.

A half-dozen vehicles were involved in the chain-reaction series of crashes on the exit from eastbound Interstate 8 to West Main Street in El Cajon shortly after 3:30 p.m. Tuesday, according to the California Highway Patrol.

Hector Nambo (DMV)

Hector Nambo (DMV)

A 47-year-old San Diego woman suffered some type of medical emergency, possibly a seizure, while behind the wheel of a 2004 Lexus SUV, which careened down the ramp at a high rate of speed and sideswiped a Honda Ridgeline pickup truck stopped at a red light, CHP Officer Kevin Pearlstein said.

The out-of-control Lexus then rear-ended a Toyota Prius and a Dodge Ram, which were also stopped at the red light, he said.

Pearlstein said the Prius was “violently propelled forward” and struck the back of a Ford Ranger stopped directly in front of it, causing the pickup truck to overturn. It then continued into the intersection and collided with a northbound BMW sedan.

Hector Nambo, 60, was pronounced dead at the scene. No other injuries were reported.


  • CharleneBlake

    HOW MANY TIMES will Toyota sudden unintended acceleration be covered up with the “SEIZURE” excuse? Since when did police officers become medical experts? The “medical emergency” occurs AFTER the terrifying SUA event! SUA VICTIMS report a state of sheer SHOCK! The drivers are in utter disbelief! They can’t imagine that throttle control software might put them on a DEATH RIDE!

  • CharleneBlake

    There’s plenty of evidence that Toyota has a major issue with electronic sudden unintended acceleration. Visit Betsy Benjaminsin’s blog. She’s the Toyota WHISTLEBLOWER that posted Toyota internal docs on the internet which showed Toyota email content concerning the electronic “ghost in the engine.” She had thousands of pages of docs and decided to come forward when Toyota’s public statements didn’t match its private ones regarding SUA.

    Check out the results of the Bookout vs Toyota trial in October 2013. The jury sided with the 2005 Camry owner who vehicle careened forward uncontrollably and without adequate braking ability. The vehicle killed the driver’s good friend and maimed her for life!

    Robert & Kathy Ruginis have formally petitioned the NHTSA to open a DEFECT INVESTIGATION into their 2010 Corolla LURCHING/SURGING problem that caused a crash. Kathy could not brake in time and Toyota said the EDR showed she was braking too late. Actually Toyota WITHHELD the EDR data from the Ruginises. They managed to get a copy of the data directly from Bosch. The data supported Kathy Ruginis’s account of what happened but Toyota had cherry-picked the data to suit it.

    There’s a lot more in this…pretty deep cover-up. Toyota has plenty of $$friends who have helped keep the secret well hidden.

  • CharleneBlake

    There is a BIG hidden secret in the auto industry…it’s called ELECTRONIC sudden unintended acceleration! I know…you thought that was just about FLOOR MATS and sticky pedals, or “driver error,” right? That’s certainly what TOYOTA would like you to continue to believe, BUT DON’T!

    These ultra-complex new engines are completely computer driven. Software is needed to control the throttle system. You THINK you are giving gas when you press the accelerator, but you are only SUGGESTING this to the computer. In electronic SUA cases, the throttle software may be glitch-prone and NOT do as you wish.

    What happens then? Well, the glitch may (and has for countless SUA victims) result in an OPEN THROTTLE situation. The brakes become INEFFECTIVE in these situations and crashes into storefronts, buildings, and homes have resulted.

    What does the automaker say? They hook the vehicles up to the computer and declare NOTHING WRONG! They cite the EDR which has erroneous data and say YOU were NOT braking. They point the finger at you based on AGE, GENDER, MEDICAL history, prescription meds, etc. YOU name it, they’ve TRIED it!

    Get the picture? And you THOUGHT the GM issue was big? Think again! This cover-up of ELECTRONIC SUA is scandalous and very well-orchestrated.

    Why even a WHISTLEBLOWER has been legally harassed by Toyota as it does NOT want her Toyota internal docs posted online anymore. The automaker wants to intimidate and SILENCE her. It doesn’t want the PUBLIC involved, for goodness sake!

    Charlene McCarthy Blake

  • Tamara Grant

    Charlene, as the wife of a first responder, I can say with absolute certainty that your comments are way off base. Medical emergencies are one of the leading causes of accidents. Intoxication is another one. Texting caused accidents are on the rise. I asked my husband about your comments and he said that you have no idea what you are talking about. He has seen these things first hand and he has no reason to believe there is some problem with cars. I asked him for an example and he told me about the time he had to help cut a 75 year old out of a car. The man kept saying he had his foot on the brake, but when my husband looked down his foot was wedged tightly on the gas pedal. Now, take you ridiculous comments somewhere else.
    Thank you.

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