Woman’s selfie in Old Navy tank top goes viral for unexpected reason

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LOS ANGELES - A photographer is getting a lot of attention after a photo she snapped in a dressing room went viral.

Rachel Taylor says she was shopping at Old Navy when she overheard a hurtful conversation about plus-size clothing.

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"I was shopping in Old Navy, standing in between a teenage girl and her mom. The girl picked up a plus-size tank top, showed it to her mom and said, 'Look! Me and So-and-so can fit in this tank top!' Her mom laughed and said, 'Yeah, you could! That thing is huge!" Taylor posted on Facebook.

Taylor says she was hurt by the comments and began to cry. She says she sat in the car and cried for a long time before eventually going back inside to shop.

In the end, she decided to try on the tank top in question.

"I ended up buying that tank top because, it turns out, I look fierce in it! Be kind. Think about others before you speak. And if someone hurts you, you have to move on."

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Taylor posted her selfie to Old Navy's Facebook page. It has been liked over 86,000 times and shared 2,400 times.

Old Navy responded to the post, saying, "Rachel, you are amazing. We want to celebrate your fierce style by sending you a gift card."

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In response to people criticizing her appearance, Rachel said:

"First, thank you so much for all the kind words and for sharing your stories in turn. I never, ever, ever imagined that more than a few people would see this picture (I never see anything posted to Old Navy's timeline) but I appreciate the sweet comments all the same.

However, posting a photo on social media is NOT an invitation to criticize, ridicule, or judge someone. Calling me a crybaby, telling me to save my shopping money for therapy, telling me to "do something" about my weight... what does that accomplish other than making yourself look like a fool? Sitting behind a keyboard commenting on someone else's life doesn't make you superior; it makes you a troll. Also, I don't want any handouts from anyone, nor would I accept it. There are far too many people who need clothes, and I can buy my own.

I could tell you more about the tone of the ladies' conversation, about our positions in the store, about my health and self-esteem issues, but I shouldn't have to.

Obviously I didn't handle the situation well, but I worked through it and I'm a better and braver person because of it. I wanted to share my story with Old Navy because I love my new top and appreciate them having cute clothes in all sizes. Now I'm refusing to delete it because people should know that they are not alone in their struggles, and even if they seem silly to someone else, their feelings are still valid. As my Mama always says, "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all."


    • Sabrina

      They were mocking the size of the shirt. It was like they just couldn’t believe that clothing could come in larger sizes therefore they didn’t even think to consider that there are bigger humans in the world. Basically just shows how closed minded and thoughtless they are. Their comments were rude and, especially considering there was a bigger lady nearby, makes them seem a bit self-centered. It isn’t very difficult to be mindful of your surroundings and think before speaking.

      • Rachel

        Two things here. 1) This is a country of free speech. People are free to say and do whatever they like so far as it does not directly harm someone or incite danger or harm. It is not anyone else’s responsibility to constantly walk around editing their speech on the off-chance that someone may be upset or hurt by it. It’s the nature of the world. If you can’t handle someone saying something that bothers you that’s not even directed AT YOU, you just overheard it, then you’re in for a tough life. 2) This woman is the size of two normally-sized women put together. It is merely a fact that two girls of a regular weight can fit into this tank top. She must know how big she is, and she is clearly not happy with how she looks, otherwise she wouldn’t have burst into tears over a comment made by others that wasn’t directed at her. If she’s not happy, she should do something about it and lose weight, or she should buck up and accept the fact that she is obese (if not morbidly obese), and it will be commented on by people. It is no one’s responsibility to constantly edit their speech because someone who might be upset is listening. That is just not the way the world works. I hope she never tries to go to Japan. They will encircle her and point and laugh there.

        • Malina

          Bam. That’s it right there.
          Couldn’t have said any of it better. sorry but if you are obese, you can’t possibly not know that you aren’t literally double the size of the person next to you. It’s not a surpise. And if it is, there’s a bigger problem to be had. And Japan? Go to any Spanish country, they will LITERALLY call you “hey gorda!” (Hey fatty!) to get your attention

          • Tami

            Bam! You said it right there! Who cares if your an ass? You can’t possibly be clueless to the fact that you’re a deuche!

        • Max

          I wouldn’t even call that statement fat shaming. Rachel is merely pointing out facts. Facts that are very true. Is this women obese yes. Is there something wrong with that? From a health standpoint yes, for society? Its a matter of perspective. This women was bothered by the statement made by the girl and her mom she overheard and took it personally. All facts. Is everyone going to be righteous in this world and watch what they are saying? No.. So either she can a do something about her situation or accept it and learn to not take things personally. I believe that’s the message she’s going for when she states, “If someone hurts you move on”

        • George

          Wow, thank you. At least there are some people in this god forsaken country who still have some sense. I’m sick at tired of all the people who bitch and moan because something offended them. Get over it. If you don’t want people to make comments like that then lose some damn weight and quit crying about it. Or, if you’re happy being obese and unhealthy then ignore them. Simple as that.

        • Amy

          Everybody getting mad over Rachel’s post is probably morbidly obese themselves. It makes me sick that people are happy with being so unhealthy and looking like that.

          • Happygolucky

            Amy it makes me sick seeing dogs that are neglected and abused showing bones through their skin, yet apparently it’s ok for humans to look this way. I know one thing, if I’m walking next an average size woman on the street and someone is looking to kidnap one of us, they’re taking the skinny person, not me. I’m not morbidly obese, but according to medical charts, I’m obese. I think Hollywood and NYC make these distinctions of what a 5’7″ female should weigh because it’s ridiculously low. If counting calories, working out twice a day, skipping meals or eating lettuce leaves all day makes you happy though, who am I to judge you, even though you’re judging most of America.

        • Timyka Harrington

          Who are you to say what a regular weight is? Your just as disrespectful as anyone else who does nothing but make fun of the bigger people in our world. How do you know that there is not a medical issue with her that keeps her from loosing weight? You dont. Why don’t you do something better with your pathetic life than judge before you even know the story.

          • naomihahr

            Almost nobody actually has a medical issue that PREVENTS weight loss. Hinders it, maybe. Makes it harder, maybe. But if you eat healthy food and portions, and exercise regularly, you will lose weight and you will be able to maintain a healthy weight. No excuses.

        • Rome

          Thanks you Rachel! And for all of you reading this, I want you to put this into perspective… This woman’s story is 100% melodramatic. Her actions are classic signs of social anxiety (probably one of the contributing factors of her obesity). She tells her story as if she were surrounded by smaller probably much more attractive people, so she inherently became defensive within her own mind. Then once she heard people near her (who do not and should not consider her a part of their conversation) state a simple fact. Her running out and crying as if she’s the center of the world and then returning to take a picture in it as if it’s some kind of retribution. Just goes to show her mental stability..

        • Ben

          Hell yeah, Rachel. You are dead on! This woman needs to get a grip. No one should ridicule fatties, but it is a free speech country and nobody was talking to her anyway. FYI: I don’t cry when I hear things like “a guy with thinning hair might need sunscreen on top of his head on a sunny day to avoid sunburn.” This wack job can diet (She should)….but there ain’t nuthin’ I can do about my hairline.

  • eh

    No, people are just far to sensitive. You can’t walk down the street without someone being offended or hurt these days. If your life is that affected by a comment, thats not even directly aimed at you, it’s not society’s fault. This “story” could only be considered a win if she had polity told the mother and daughter how she felt then maybe something would change, instead of crying, whining, and posting it online. If you don’t like yourself that much, then change. Everyone needs to stop being so “everyone’s special”. Cause your not. I don’t even care that she’s overweight, that’s a mute point. It’s the sheer fact that you can’t say a word without someone taking offense. People make fun of everything. Go ahead try it. Point at anything slightly phallic and call it whatever derogatory term comes to mind. It’s fun ya? When the day comes that you can’t make fun of a stick that looks like something manhood related without someone overhearing, being offended, and posting about it online, it will be a very dull life.

    • Bridget

      We all get our laughs at someone else’s expense right? Like how I got a good chuckle out of you saying “mute point” instead of “moot point”! Lol….mute point

      • Willow65

        I laughed at that too. lol, mute, Yeah, let’s put a cover over it’s mouth so now it is mute ROFL!!

  • JB

    I don’t see how was this comment hurtful. People make comments like this all the time. Get over it!

  • Daniel Smith

    I think this woman is alittle sensitive about her weight. I remember asking about a size 38 pants at Express once and the little guy working there laughed and said “No, we don’t sell size 38 pants” so I asked him “Ok, well..do you have a Mens Dept?” Just deal and move on. She looks great in the shirt! I hope she does not let others make her feel bad anymore.

  • johanna

    Ppl this days are very rude that is why I don’t pay attention to what Ppl says….I am a plus size too I have 2 boys!!

    • T.j. Love

      Johanna, I’m sorry but people have always been rude. We, as a culture, have become more sensitive and intolerant of people saying what they are thinking.

  • Ima Zolman

    She is attention seeking or overly sensitive. What they did was not about her at all. She chose to make it about herself, imagined they put her down, cried about how bad they made her feel, and then pat herself on the back for getting past it all.
    I’m glad she is feeling better about herself. However what happened to her is called self realization. She just figured out that she is fat. I am saying fat as a fact, not an insult. And before you tell me I probably need to lose weight, yes, I do. I am fat too.

    • Dawne

      I think the point of her post is that people – like yourself – are very quick with a hurtful or mean word. Do you know it takes very little to make a person’s day, or make them happy. Say something nice! Compliment them! It’s free, and it’s easy, and it make everybody feel good! Why be mean at someone else’s expense??

      • Willow65

        So true Dawne. Fat shaming, the only acceptable form of discrimination left. And lots of people do it. Just read some of the fat shaming comments on here.

        • SMM

          You think the only acceptable form of insults is fat shaming? What about Slut Shaming? What about shaming someone over being broke or being unable to have the latest designer bag or- in my case -being skinny shamed? I had a natural small A cup and was constantly ridiculed. Some favorite comments were “Wow- I haven’t been an A cup since 5th grade!”, “How will you breastfeed if you get pregnant?” and my personal fave “I think boobs- and sorry Shan- are the perfect accessory to any outfit and are better than any necklace.” I could eat half a pizza and some Coldstone and not gain anything. I was called “Skeletor” and- God forbid I get stressed or depressed and physiologically lose my appetite- people felt comfortable to demand whether or not I had an eating disorder. If I were to approach a larger woman and ask “why are you fat? do you have a problem? do you need directions to a overeaters anonymous meeting?” Larger women are unfairly ridiculed for no good reason, but they seem to act like other body types are immune to teasing and self-hatred.

        • SMM

          You think the only acceptable form of insults is fat shaming? What about Slut Shaming? What about shaming someone over being broke or being unable to have the latest designer bag or- in my case -being skinny shamed? I had a natural small A cup and was constantly ridiculed. Some favorite comments were “Wow- I haven’t been an A cup since 5th grade!”, “How will you breastfeed if you get pregnant?” and my personal fave “I think boobs- and sorry Shan- are the perfect accessory to any outfit and are better than any necklace.” I could eat half a pizza and some Coldstone and not gain anything. I was called “Skeletor” and- God forbid I get stressed or depressed and physiologically lose my appetite- people felt comfortable to demand whether or not I had an eating disorder. If I were to approach a larger woman and ask “why are you fat? do you have a problem? do you need directions to a overeaters anonymous meeting?” Larger women are unfairly ridiculed for no good reason, but they seem to
          act like other body types are immune to teasing and self-hatred.

      • Amy

        The world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows dawne. Get over yourself and come back down to reality

    • Happygolucky

      I’m sure if it was the other way around and she giggled about a top being so small and mentioning only an anorexic would fit into it, or a wrinkly old hag, not directing it to the teen and her mother intently, her statement would have been taken sensitively as well. I’m not the smallest person in the world, nor what society deems “average”, but you can bet that I am more athletically involved and stronger than most of the matchy matchy gym rats with their caked on makeup and updos. I play ice hockey, softball, box for fitness, can play basketball, volleyball, and overall am naturally gifted in sports. I can leg press about 240lbs+, so am I considered unhealthy? Before you say yes, let’s look at this perspective. What is considered healthy? A marathon runner? Because they’re skinny? Haven’t a couple of those died of massive heart attacks at the finish line? Society immediately sees a person that’s not up to Hollywood standards and thinks, heart attack, diabetes, etc, unhealthy. I’ve seen overweight people outlive some of those healthy gym rats, marathon runners. This girl did not deserve the comments or the laughing and that’s exactly what’s wrong with society. Kids and teens not minding their manners thinking the world owes THEM something. Freedom of speech is a privilege that too many people take for granted. Just because we as a country have freedom of speech, does not mean it’s ok to mock other people when you don’t even know their story. Overweight people don’t always choose to be that way. I”m happy as a size 18/20 and I have a wonderful boyfriend, loving family, skinny friends (OMG!), and I live my life the way I want. I choose to be happy and if it means eating pizza, ice cream, and candy every now and then, well dammit I’m going to do it. Heart disease runs in my family, and regardless of what we eat, our cholesterol is always high. Yes meds can help that, but I don’t want to be stuck on meds my entire life experiencing a domino effect of problems. I went an entire year eating salad for lunch, egg whites for breakfast, protein and veggies for dinner, limited carbs, alcohol, sugar, etc, and my cholesterol was still 280. I didn’t choose to be that way folks. Oh, I just realized this is a news forum in California….land of competition. Ok haters, go…..

  • nick

    While I applaud this woman for finding the confidence in herself to buy the shirt and the confidence to share a photo of her in it after what was said. What I can’t tolerate is the flash is not a piece of clothing drawn, painted, or any other way it shouldn’t be done. I find it disrespectful after I have fought for our flag. The only tie it is right for that symbol to not be flown properly is when it is drapped over the fallen soldier’s who have died for it.

      • Happygolucky

        Ummmm did you read his post Willow? He’s explaining that the flag should not be represented on a piece of clothing, it should only be flown and any other way is disrespectful to those who have died fighting under it.

  • Julie Kirkwood Wood

    Rachel…….i’ve been there….at a picnic i once had 2 teenagers comment on my weight loud enough for me to hear and it hurt…….but we do move on and it makes us better, kinder people to others

  • Stuntkunt

    I am a fat bitch and I feel fkn good about my fat self. I look good because I feel good and comfortable in my skin and the people I surround myself with, love me because my happiness just radiates. I’m sorry you had a bad experience, but if you’re gonna let some nobodies break you, then you’re a weak ass and need to stay home. Until you’re ready to walk among the ugly with your head held high up and you fat flag proudly flying. Just saying. I hope this was a very brief moment of weakness. Best of luck and good vibes. Stay zen.

    • Willow65

      Not everyone can just go lose some weight. there are many medical conditions and medications that make it nearly impossible. If losing weight were so damn easy then there would hardly be any fat people now would there?

      • Jk

        Not a true statement. Even people with diabetes can lost weight. It’s very very very rare that someone has a disease that makes it hard to live at a healthier weight. Even thyroid and pituitary patience can control their weight. I know this because both my mother and father have both issues and have no problem maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise. This country is just fucking fat and lazy period

    • Willow65

      Oh and I know many people who are overweight who are HEALTHIER than their skinny counterparts. Weight is not always an indicator of health.

      • Amy

        You are so wrong. Being obese like that is horribly unhealthy. If you don’t believe that go read any of the million medical journals on the subject. You are a real moron willow65

      • naomihahr

        Being obese absolutely is an indicator of being unhealthy. You are brainwashing yourself and creating justification and excuses for being overweight, which is why there are so many overweight people. It really isn’t okay or acceptable, at least from a health standpoint. You can say overweight people can be confident, sexy, wear cute clothes, whatever, all of that is fine, but you definitely cannot say that it is healthy.

  • Brenda

    You look beautiful it that tank top!! It’s unfortunate that teen was taught to be rude and ugly by her mother.

  • Maryanne McGurk Murray

    Haven’t read any other comments, but hell! She looks adorable and appropriate in that top! I am a plus size person and steer away from tanks, but she looks so cute! Go you, Old Navy, for having lots of sizes and styles.

  • Lori Holmes

    People r rude…and selfish
    but I have not shopped in Old Navy for sometime…now I will cause I didn’t know they carried those sizes and that top rocks

  • Ethyl Formate

    Yes, it’s a (mostly) free country, and yes people are rude and yes sometimes we are oversensitive when we shouldn’t be (but maybe that’s because we are being made the butt of a joke). However, it is a plain fact that the overweight are simply the final final frontier of those many feel it is okay to make fun of. Can’t poke fun at retards, pollocks, pigs (cops), blondes, people of color (any color), but fatties? Hey, go for it! All their blubber insulates them! Bullpoop. Can’t we just be nice? Would that mother and daughter make a joke about watermelons and blacks in the supermarket, even if they didn’t see any blacks around? Don’t think so…..

    I think Rachael looks great. She looks healthy and vigorous, and is beautiful. Women are meant to be rounded. A woman without curves is like a pair of jeans without pockets — you don’t know where to put your hands!

    • KP

      “Can’t we just be nice?”
      “Women are meant to be rounded.”

      Take your own advice. I am sure you said that not considering how it sounds to thin women – they must not be a real woman. Just like I am sure the girl saying the shirt could fit both of them didn’t consider how she sounded. We shouldn’t have to walk on egg shells and think how every word might affect every single person. If you’re going to say they should have been more sensitive, then you should be too, or we could all stop being so sensitive and not take everything as a personal attack.

  • KIM

    The FB post was edited to sound nicer at some point here because I read the original post and she left an insult for the girl not being half the woman she is. Maybe she realized, when she was getting some extra attention, that her comment made her out to be no better than the person she was offended by. It wasn’t nice at all. I was disappointed that she needed to be validated on the internet like that. Mature women shouldn’t act that way.

  • Erika

    I’m plus size and I’m not offended by their comments. It is a huge shirt. If you’re overweight you know you are. It’s not a big secret or revelation. She is huge and that shirt is huge. It’s a fact. She needs to get over herself.

  • miss nekoo

    I’ am ME.. I can give a flying f*#@! what anyone thinks of me.. Big, fat, over weight, skinny or too thin.. some of us are just not going to be perfect n just got to live with that.. I used to care but, realize why care what others think! They don’t live my life, pay my bills, etc. I’m so over it. #plussize #dontcare #justlive #onlyonelife

  • Jane Doe

    Its just sad that people don’t understand how hard it is for heavier people. do they ever stop to think that maybe they have a medical problem that causes them to gain weight. Thyroid issues or maybe they are on a medication that no matter what they do causes them to gain weight. Gee’s people. I think if someone skinny was told the didn’t look good because they were too boney or something like that they wouldn’t have a different view!!!

    • Amy

      The percentage of obese people with actual medical issues is so low you can’t even bring up that point. The percent of obese people with thyroid problems is .183% NOT EVEN 1%!!

  • Jessie

    This posts needs more positive feedback ! Therefore, you go girl! Thank you for the inspirational story …

  • SMM

    I agree that, while those other shoppers were clearly insensitive and clueless about the feelings of fellow shoppers, I come from the “other side of the spectrum”- especially before I had my daughter- and I couldn’t gain weight no matter WHAT I ate. While I ate hearty meals with little to no progress, when I got stressed or depressed over a bad breakup I would lose my appetite (NOT on purpose). People used to make fun of my bra cup size (I was a small A) saying that “they hadn’t seen a bra that small since they were in 5th grade!” And rude shit about me being anorexic. I hope that if you are that sensitive to people making jokes about plus sized women that you also watch what kind of jokes you make about small chested females who are underweight by default. People get up in arms (understandably) about “fat shaming” but people seem callous when ridiculing girls for having no curves too!

  • G

    The way this story should have ended…I decided that enough was enough. I didn’t wish to be the girl in the plus sized clothing anymore, so I committed myself to starting an exercise program and eating right. When the next fourth comes around things will be different for me and I won’t be ashamed of myself.

  • Lauren

    Maybe we should just all remember the saying – if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Yeah it’s a free country, yeah we have freedom of speech, but there is no reason for the comment to have been made in the first place, especially in public. Don’t parents teach their kids any manners. If laughing at other people (i.e. the size of clothing, the color of their hair, walking around Walmart in you PJs, wearing tight clothes, etc) isn’t disrespectful, than I’m obviously teaching my son the wrong things. And BTW – both small people and large people wear clothes that are too small for them;

  • Bob

    You knw I’m sick of people trying to make being over weight ok I’m a little over weight and I feel it everyday I’m a little more tired in the,I snore more, get heart burn more often, ect. With that said I’m not going to walk around with my shirt off and take selfish and talk about how I don’t like being called fat . No I get my ass up work out cut out the junk food and soda cause I would like to live a little long without diabetes, heart disease, bad vision, ect . We need to stop trying to till over weight people it’s ok your still beautiful inside cause no there not stop trying to make them feel better and try helping them get health Idk just my thoughts

  • Alyssha

    Women can’t win for losing! If your over weight people have nasty things to say, if your underweight like myself, ( I can not gain weight for the life of me) people have nasty things to say! I’ve been called a walking Skelton, called anorexic (which I am not). There is no pleasing society, we can only please ourselves! Be happ with yourself ! Someone will always have something rude to say no matter what, if it not a person weight, something else will be pointed out!

  • Emmy Angotti

    why is it always, ” sorry I can’t be a size zero!” Lol quit hating on the skinny girls .. I used to have a very hard time gaining weight and let me tell you “overweight” women are the worst with “skinny shaming” or whatever everyone is calling it. Glad I don’t have a problem with my weight anymore and I love my size, but damn! QUIT HATING! Tearing one down to lift another up is not a positive thing – mean bitches 😘

  • Barb

    You do look fierce! Beautiful, healthy, confidant woman….nothing sexier than that!!! If Old Navy is smart, they’d hire you!

  • Kristy

    People gain and retain weight for a number of reasons. Having all sizes of pretty and fabulous clothes to wear is amazing. Society should be more patient and forgiving to those who are struggling and hold their judgement and hurtful comments. The battle is not always as simple as it may appear.

  • Sophear

    It’s not about being over sensitive, or even about size. I mean what type of miserable human being do you have to be to sit there and look for a fault or flaw in another human being?! I get the whole “Right to free speech” thing but really? To try and use that to explain why you can say something negative about someone else is just sad! The people who
    commented here about how she shouldn’t be so insecure and about her being “obese” have you looked at yourself lately? Are you so perfect that you feel that you have the right to judge and criticize someone else?! I believe not! There’s no such thing as a”perfect” person! So before you sit there next time and decide to make someone else feel bad about themselves, I suggest that you take a long good look in the mirror and ask yourself why you feel that you need to make negative comments about someone else? If you are secure with yourself , you wouldn’t feel the need to make someone else feel bad about themselves! So my friends I say to you ” Don’t be so quick to judge and criticize”! Behind every face there’s a story that none of us knows about. I’ll leave you with this…..”Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you” …….
    Oh by the way I live a healthy lifestyle and I am fit just for the ones who are commenting about “the people who are defending her are probably “obese” too!

  • PS144:1

    Just the other day, I was at the gas station with a friend and we were standing in line and he picked up at twelve pack of beer and said “look, 2 people can literally get drunk off this twelve pack” . There was an alcoholic between us in the checkout line, he broke down in tears and left. I feel so bad for offending him.

  • corey

    I’m glad you worked through this horrible situation. I’m also happy to hear that more than just one person in the world has problems. Fucking retard. Go drown yourself fatty

  • MrsBobbyRay

    I’m sorry, I know this isn’t going to sound nice but I don’t see what she thought was “mean”. They didn’t say, “OMG!! What hideous MASSIVE cow would fit this monstrosity?” Or something like it. The child made an observation that was probably true given she was a teenager. Her and her friend probably could both fit into the shirt. I’m pretty sure my daughter and my sister could each fit a leg and a butt cheek in my pants simultaneously, but that’s nothing to cry about. Maybe I like my big legs and bootie. If I didn’t that’s not their fault. Either way I’m not crying about it.

  • Robert Gunnlaugsson

    Yay for this woman. Her post shows the importance of finding clothing that fits your body. She does look fierce! As far as trying to judge her for whatever size she is, I’ll leave that for her. There are many things that are part of living a happy and fulfilled life. She seems to be handling many of those things to help her continue to have a happy and fulfilled life. Good for her!

  • John Chimpo

    I think everyone is forgetting the important issue here – she stated “Now I’m refusing to delete it because people should know that the…” and the Facebook post is (currently) deleted!

  • Michelle

    I am very impressed with this young woman’s attitude. What those two ladies that made the derogatory comment need to know is that true beauty is only skin deep. What your “victim” proved to the world was that she far outshines both of you put together.

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