Conan O’Brien arrives to broadcast his show during Comic-Con

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SAN DIEGO – Late-night comedian Conan O’Brien has arrived in downtown San Diego, where he will broadcast his show during Comic-Con.

The late-night show crew rolled in with a dozen huge production trucks, built a set on the stage of Spreckels Theatre and are gearing up for five days of everything Comic-Con.

FOX 5 tried to catch up with the host until FOX 5’s Misha DiBono accidentally ran into one of the show's producers, Aaron Bleyaert, who said he plays video games with Conan and is the show's resident ‘geek.’

When asked if O'Brien would wear a costume, he said, “Isn’t his hair and big head costume enough? He grew a costume – his head and hair!”

O'Brien's team sent out emails to verified Comic-Con attendees and invited them to be guests on the show. Conan will also participate in several panels at the show.