Unusual number of dogs go stray over holiday

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SAN DIEGO, CA - Every year dozens of stray dogs turn up at county shelters but his year an unusually high number of dogs and cat were rescued or turned in to animal services. While most of us consider the 4th of July fireworks holiday display a celebration, for our pets it can be a nightmare.

“It's a really scary day for animal services.” Said Dan DeSousa, Deputy Director of the county’s animal services, “dogs panic in the fireworks and we take the brunt of it and the dogs take the brunt of it. We see dogs escaped and get hit by cars. Because of noise, the rattling of the windows, the flashing the lights, it just terrifies dogs. They will chew through a door or fence trying to escape.”

That’s exactly what happened to this girl’s miniature Yorkie named 'Sophie,' a dog she relies on to help her with anxiety.

“The 4th I was making sure somebody could watch her at all times.” Explained Kailynn Seamore, “and then I got a phone call and somebody left the gate open.” From the 4th of July until 9 AM Monday morning, county animal shelters saw double the number of strays ‘rescued’ or turned in. On an average weekend they get about 30 dogs, right now there are still 67 terrified dogs in the kennel. And sadly only 35 % of dogs and cats too will be claimed. Owners have until Thursday July 9th before their pet will be put up for adoption. In an effort to help people and their pets reunite, as soon as a dog comes in to the shelter its picture is placed on the county website.

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  • Ann Puckett

    I really don’t understand why people to heed the warnings about caring for their pets during fireworks displays. If you aren’t going to care for your pets properly, please find a better home for them.

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