Destroyer USS Higgins departs on independent mission

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The guided-missile destroyer USS Higgins operates off the coast of Haiti, refueling aircraft used to deliver supplies to those affected by the earthquake. (Department of Defense)

SAN DIEGO — The guided-missile destroyer USS Higgins left San Diego Monday on an independent deployment to the Western Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and Middle East.

The Navy reported that the Higgins and its crew of more than 300 sailors will maintain the Navy’s presence in the region and conduct goodwill activities with partner nations.

The Higgins provides anti-air, anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare capabilities and can operate independently or with an associated strike group.

“I am extremely pleased with our crew,” said Cmdr. Allen Johnson, the vessel’s commanding officer. “They have proven themselves throughout a rigorous year-long training cycle and are fully capable to perform the mission tasking that we will be assigned.”

The 16-year-old ship is named for Marine Col. William “Rich” Higgins, a Vietnam veteran who was kidnapped by terrorists in 1988 in Lebanon and later killed.

The Higgins last deployed two years ago.


    • Navy Mom

      My son is on that ship and we are very proud of him, and the men/women serving with him. You really need to look into what these serves members do for you, and the rest of our great country before you post things like this. They are out keep watch over ungrateful people like you.

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